Pets Mean PR Scotland Prizes for Legal Firm

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Gibson Kerr headlines secured by Holyrood PR PR in ScotlandScottish family law firm Gibson Kerr has received another glowing piece of coverage in a leading international pet magazine.

Pet News International ran a story about how the firm had warned couples in Scotland to be wary of the legal rules about pets during divorce cases.

Gibson Kerr believes that many separating couples with pets do not realise that their furry friends are treated no differently in the eyes of the law than any other item of acquired property – such as property, cars or money. Partner Fiona Rasmusen added that couples who wanted to secure the welfare of their animals in the event of a break-up should consider making a prenuptial agreement.

The full coverage can be viewed on the Pet News International website and was the result of a sustained campaign by Holyrood PR PR in Scotland.