Perth Firm Heats Up Battle Against Fuel Poverty

Direct Savings Press releases

Perth Firm Heats Up Battle Against Fuel Poverty

Direct Savings Press releases

A Scottish heating company is launching a unique social experiment to try to combat the growing problem of fuel poverty in the UK.

Direct Savings, specialists in energy efficiency, is offering households the chance to have their heating bills paid for by the firm for two years to help improve the lives of people struggling to pay for efficient heating.   

Homeowners will not have to pay a penny for their heating if they decide to install the company’s innovative Infranomic Far-Infrared panels which boast energy efficient credentials which could save an average of 45% per year on heating costs.

Ged Smith, Managing Director of Direct Savings, said this unique opportunity will provide the first large scale study of its kind to prove the heating technology can cut energy bills, is safe for the environment and is a step closer to solving fuel poverty.

He said: “This is a great opportunity for people to experience the benefits from Infranomic Far-Infrared heating while saving money. We at Direct Savings will pay for all the heating bills for the next two years so homeowners will have nothing to worry about, and can simply enjoy the benefits this new heating technology brings.

“After the two year period is complete, the benefits will still continue with customers recognising lower heating bills, a constantly warm environment and an overall excellent and efficient service.

“We want to help tackle the problems that people are experiencing with heating bills and take away the stress that this can bring to a family household.”

In February, Ofgem warned consumers face higher power bills as the UK becomes more reliant on energy imports.  They said the issue heightened the need to make homes more energy efficient while Consumer Focus warned it would be those who can least afford it who would suffer the most.

It is estimated that six million households are experiencing fuel poverty, with that figure expected to rise to more than nine million by 2016.

Customers who take up the scheme will provide monthly updates on their power usage, allowing Direct Savings to build up a database to demonstrate that Infranomics can create warmer homes with vastly reduced energy costs.

Direct Savings also hopes its initiative will provide a stopgap to counter delays with the Government’s flagship energy efficiency scheme, Green Deal.

The Green Deal launched on January 28 with the aim of helping millions of homes and businesses to improve their energy efficiency – through the installation of various improvements such as Infranomic heating and insulation – at no upfront costs to them.  But the scheme is not yet fully operational in Scotland, meaning that assessments are not able to take place at properties.

Details of when the Green Deal will hit Scotland are still vague, and this coupled with continued uncertainty about the scheme, is leaving householders who want to make their home more energy efficient look to the Direct Savings Infranomics offer.

Infranomic heaters emit ‘Far Infrared’ energy which floods the entire room with warmth, absorbing into all materials within the room, including the walls, ceiling and floor.  The heat retention is far greater to that of warm air conventional systems.

Uniquely, the heating panels, which use the same technology found in special baby care incubators, can be designed to look like art work or mirrors – or take the shape of a favourite picture or image.

Far Infrared is also acknowledged as a natural and harmless form of heating that is actually beneficial to the human body – the body is designed to absorb Infrared energy as it operates on the same frequency.

Ged added: “As a nation we’re hooked on traditional gas, oil and electric heating systems, which are a legacy from last century’s efforts to heat poorly insulated homes and buildings.

“Now that we are able to properly insulate most homes, these convection heating systems are shown up as costly and inefficient. Infranomic heaters are the next generation, offering a far more efficient and controllable heating.

“The panels can also be installed in any type of building from historical townhouses to modern apartments, so everyone can benefit from the system.”

Direct Savings opened its first infranomics showroom on Perth’s Arran Road in November in a ceremony headed by Scottish Finance Minister and Perthshire North MSP, John Swinney. 

Mr Swinney welcomed the firm’s pioneering efforts in increasing heating efficiency and the resulting boost the energy hub will bring to the local economy.  Strong support has also been provided by other MSPs such as Murdo Fraser who heralded Direct Savings’ infranomics heating systems as a key step to tackling fuel poverty.

Direct Savings is one of the UK’s leading national installer of high quality, innovative energy saving solutions, operating out of five bases – Perth, Bathgate, Peterhead, Milton Keynes and Bradford.

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