Pearls of Wisdom On Wednesday


Pearls of Wisdom On Wednesday

High Five

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I’m sure everyone is aware of who Paul the Octopus was. I say ‘was’ as he died not too long after the tournament. Paul was the psychic Octopus who correctly predicted every outcome of the 2012 South Africa World Cup. Now Ukraine, in the lead up to the European Championships, have their own mascot with Fred the Ferret. Fred joins soothsayer hog Khryak in Kiev and Citta the elephant in Krakow, Poland – co-hosts with Ukraine of Euro 2012.The trio will appear in Fan Zones, where he will choose from plates of food bearing the flags of competing teams – with whichever bowl he eats from being declared the favourite. Will Fred bring the same knowledge…only time will tell. 


If you are an exhibitionist in the bedroom then these pieces will definitely catch your eye. These designs were showcased at Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College as part of a lingerie design competition. Although they look like they have came straight out of Gaga’s wardrobe some of the designs do look wearable. The winning design called ‘Junction’ is a futuristic monosyllabic piece which I really like however I don’t think you will ever have the comfort element with it. It looks ideal for strutting your stuff on the beaches of Bora Bora but I don’t think the tan lines would be forgivable!


Had a few hamsters as a kid! Someone of them good other ones bad,especially the white one with the red eyes-nasty thing! But never did I have an acting hamster like this creature! Check out its ability to play dead after a mock shoot down from its owner!

IPHONE 5 (Victoria)

Apple’s iPhone has been a global hit since the first version was launched in 2007, transforming the firm into one of the world’s leading phone manufacturers.The hugely anticipated launch of the new iPhone 5 is imminently expected, and speculation is building up over what Apple’s latest sure-fire hit will look like.Designers in Germany have developed a protype model based on the specifications that have been rumoured to be featured in Apple’s latest smartphone, including a four inch touchscreen and 8 megapixel camera.Looks a bit like a Samsung Galaxy!


In keeping with Aimee’s wrestling high five yesterday, my contribution to today’s collection of web hits is ‘Accordion Wrestling’. Accordion Wrestling, a show being brought to Britain by 47 year old Kimmo Pohjonen, takes traditional accordion music and turns it on its head. Born in Finland Kimmo Pohjonen is known as ‘the Jimmi Hendrix of the accordion’ and early on in his career he moved away from traditional accordion music in favour of pop, classical and world music. Improvising on his accordion, he clucks, shouts and screeches, while looping in audio samples and while he is playing wrestlers from Helsinki grapple with each other on the stage. I can’t wait – where do I pre-book tickets?!