Panton’s Water Wagon Quenches Thirst of Charity Walkers

Panton McLeod Press releases

Panton’s Water Wagon Quenches Thirst of Charity Walkers

Panton McLeod Press releases

Charity walkers supported by Panton McLeodKind hearted bosses at a water quality engineering firm have lent their support to a fundraising campaign which raised around £11,000 for a Scottish hospice. 

Borders based Panton McLeod, became the official sponsors of the 62mile walk, which raised money for Rachel House Children’s hospice in Kinross after hearing of the event from one of their employees.

Mechanical supervisor George “Geordie” Watson’s daughter Lynn Thomson organised the walk to raise money and support for the hospice – one of only two in Scotland – after losing her 17 month son to a rare genetic illness last March.

Lynn said: “After we lost our wee boy Connell, we decided that we not only had to do something for his memory, but we wanted to raise funds for the hospice that we went to during his illness.

“Rachel House is a truly amazing place. We were treated so normally, with care, kindness and huge respect and our wee boy was showered with attention.

“The hospice provided ongoing care and support even after Connell had passed away and there is no time limit on this support, which is available to us for as long as we need it.”

Water firm’s charity pledge

On June 3rd 2010 the team of 14 walkers began a 62 mile walk over the course of four days along St Cuthbert’s Way, taking them from the borders town of Melrose to Lindisfarne (Holy Island) off the coast of Northumberland.

The popular walk is named after a seventh century saint who had a substantial impact on Christianity in the borders area and travelled from Melrose Abbey to Holy Island. The walk has become a pilgrimage for some and hence was the perfect route for the walkers to take.

Panton McLeod provided all of the water stops and refreshments along the route and Lynn’s father Geordie followed the group in one of the firms 4×4 vehicles, which was nicknamed the ‘water wagon’ by the walkers.

Lynn added: “My father Geordie was amazing throughout the walk and provided us all with much needed refreshment and helped lift our spirits when we needed it.

“However we really have to thank Panton McLeod for all their support; being our official sponsor, letting my dad have the time off to help us, giving us the van and providing all our water. On the last day of the walk they even put up a tent and welcomed us weary and wet walkers to Holy Island with food and champagne to celebrate.

“They have been fantastic throughout it all!”

PR in Scotland for Panton McLeod

So far the walkers have raised £10,700 and with the total still rising they hope to raise over £11,000 all in all. Geordie said: “I am really proud of the efforts of Lynn and the rest of the group and the amount they have raised is fantastic.

“It was a very emotional journey and Rachel House is an amazing charity that has done so much for my family and I am really pleased that myself and the team at Panton McLeod were able to lend our support.”

Managing Director of Panton McLeod Iain Weir said also: “We are delighted that we are able to help this worthwhile cause. Providing support for local charities in whatever way we can is very important to us.

“We know George is really proud of Lynn and so are we.”