Painless Needle Gives Cosmetic Dentist a Shot of PR Scotland

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

Painless Needle Gives Cosmetic Dentist a Shot of PR Scotland

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

Lubiju Dentistry Website Dental profession website, has featured an article on the pain free needle, that is to be used at an Edinburgh dental centre.

Lubiju, cosmetic dentistry, will soon become one of the first centres in Scotland to use the pioneering treatment, that will make a visit to the dentist painfree.

The Quicksleeper needle works by injecting anaesthetic into the soft area of the bone surrounding the tooth, rather than the gum as is the case with traditional needles.

Although still requiring a needle, it is specially engineered in shape and combined with the injection technique, it ensures that the patient feels only a slight vibration.

The centre will become a centre of excellence in using the pioneering system and is set to be a hit with those who suffer from needle phobias.

Dr Krishnan, founder of Lubiju says in the article: “This really is the kind of exciting new technology dentists have been dreaming about for decades, so we are proud to be at the forefront of introdusing it to Scotland.

“It is our aim at Lubiju to bring the best available treatments to Scotland from around the world.  The QuickSleeper system has been developed for over 10 years and is a huge leap forward”

Paul McPherson of General Medical, who are the UK distributor of the QuickSleeper system says: “The team at Lubiju is recognised for its expertise and we are delighted to be working with them towards creating a centre of excellence to train others how to use the QuickSleeper system”

Dr Krishnan set up the dental practice in 2009 with Dr Lubino do Rego, to concentrate on adopting and developing emerging, hi-tech techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

The full article can be read on the website and was secured as part of a successful public relations campaign carried out by the Holyrood PR.