The Best Things Don’t Always Come in Small Packages

by Melissa Craib

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Scottish PR Agency Discusses Packaging and How It Can Represent Your Brand

Too Faced Box taken by Scottish PR agency

IF YOU are anything like me then you are probably addicted to online shopping.

In truth, most of the time that means online window shopping – adding endless items to a ‘basket’ and laughing at the astounding price it amounts to.

But every now and then there will be something I fall in love with or a great deal I couldn’t possibly resist.

This was the case when checking my emails, I saw Too Faced were offering 25% off and two free samples – how could I say no? Plus I had just finished my holy grail of mascaras and needed a refill, so I went about doing a quick shop from the comfort of my sofa.

Create an Experience

Patiently awaiting my delivery I was imaginingg the usual dull brown boxes which are synonymous with online shopping. Or those ridiculous, oversized boxes Amazon is notorious for using. The boxes that grab the attention of your colleagues as they question what it is you have ordered that warrants such a large box.

This time my online shopping got this Scottish PR agency talking … but for a completely different reason.

My mascara arrived in a lovely pink box, which when I opened it, greeted me with a message and a mountain of pink crinkle paper. As I picked my way through it, hunting for my goodies, the office watched with bated breath, waiting to see what delights awaited me. Since when did online shopping become so social?

Tell a Story

I don’t think my colleagues, especially the males in the office, were overly interested in my make-up purchases. What got them talking was the way it was presented, the story it told and the brand it represented.

Too Faced have thought through the process of opening a fairly expensive essential (to me anyway) and used their method of delivery as a great tool to showcase what the brand is about and even manage a little plug for their social media accounts.

This became more than just a product it became a story and an experience, one which made the brand engaging and encouraged you to connect with them on more platforms. This was definitely a memorable shopping experience for not just me but also this Scottish PR agency.

How can I turn my product or service into an experience worth talking about?

You might not expect it but even something you might expect to be mundane i.e opening a parcel can be turned into an experience worth talking. All you have to do is wrap it up and add a little something extra.

It might even come from the strangest of things but that’s where your trusty PR pro’s can lend a helping hand and dig out those stories for you.

Scottish public relations agency Holyrood PR in Edinburgh offers a guide to sexy PR for any businessThink a company gaining ISO accreditation is dull and not newsworthy? Think again! We transformed the everyday into something that made us proud and achieved great coverage.

Our Scottish PR agency is in the business of storytelling and would love to hear about yours and how we can help share them.

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