Our Pick of the Web’s Titbits for Tuesday’s Holyrood Five


Our Pick of the Web’s Titbits for Tuesday’s Holyrood Five

Word Lens Instant translator

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Most of us have been there. You are in a foreign country with little understanding of the language and are faced with making a meal choice from a menu which is all Greek to you. An amazing app for Android and iPhone is available which recognises words viewed through your phone’s camera lens and translates them into English. The app has been around for 18 months but has just launched a new version for Android and has added a new range of languages. It doesn’t require an internet connection which can be a sting overseas as it has pre-installed dictionaries – genius! Watch it in action!


We’ve all had those days at work where we’re restless. Fitgety in our chairs, we look for opportunities to take a walk-even if it’s just to the bathroom and back-and our foot taps rhythmically under our desks. Well now, this revolutionary LifeSpan DT treadmill desk not only allows you to move while you work, it will help you lose weight, and increase your overall energy. No more waking up early to go to the gym! Plus, according to Mashable, even if exercise is a part of one’s regular routine, slumping in a chair for more than six hours a day makes people 40% more likely to die in the next 15 years! I know I’ll try to sit up a little bit straighter today. At least until we get these treadmill desks installed.



Loving this article, which points out the really, really annoying things often done by those who think of themslves as somehow superior. In fact, the very things that make them think they are brilliant are the very same things that give them away as assholes.



As a videographer I know the importance of reaching your audience via moving images. We make our own clients aware of how important a video can be intelling their story. The reality is that many businesses still remain to be convinced. However, when the biggest players move into video others must surely sit up, take notice and start to realise its potential. McDonald’s Canada has created its YouTube channel to help millions of visitors betterunderstand McDonald’s and its products. The fast food giant has created a great looking channel where you can browse videos created to answer questions asked by customers. Examples include question about digital ‘touching up’ of burger photos in adverts, what is the ‘secret sauce’ in Big Macs and what really goes into chicken nuggets. Such simple questions are now being answered effectively via video, helping McDonald’s engage with a huge audience. YouTube has become more than just a platform for funny videos now, it has become a place of knowledge, information, help. Maybe it’s time you thought about how it could help your business. If so, give me a call.


PIGS CAN FLY? (Natasha)

Who knew a pot-bellied pig could be so useful? I have personally always found them endearing animals, however I don’t know how impressed I would be to find myself squashed into the window seat of an aeroplane next to one. Under new Department of Transportation rules creatures such as a pot-bellied pig or miniature horse are to be allowed in to an airline cabin if they are considered suitable service animals. Monkeys are also permitted, as long as they do not cause disruption. Reassuringly rodents, spiders and reptiles are not considered appropriate travel companions, but it does look like a Dr Doolittle airlines may be on the cards!