Our Hacks At Holyrood Showcase Their Best Picks From Today’s News


Our Hacks At Holyrood Showcase Their Best Picks From Today’s News


BBC Report Jersey Shore

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The bafflingly popular TV show Jersey Shore is something of an enigma in USA. Almost universally reviled for its cast of tacky misfits, yet watched by an audience of millions it’s the latest example of how cheap reality TV has become the soma of the masses.

But despite the show’s huge audience reach, it seems that companies and advertisers are not exactly jumping on the Jersey Shore bandwagon. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – as demonstrated by fashion giant Abercrombie & Fitch’s offer to pay the stars of the show for not wearing their clothes.

Yes, that’s right. The show is so tacky and tasteless that A&F fears losing credibility by having their styles draped over the carcasses of Snookie and The Situation. And they’re willing to bribe the cast to avoid such negative exposure. Unbelievable.



A video which features students from the University of Alabama trying their hand at rapping has become a viral hit on Youtube. The video which has been viewed over 300,000 times shows female members of the university’s Pan-Hellenic society rapping about how cool it is to join their society, in a bid to recruit new members. It’s cringing to watch as the girls try and fail to look and act ‘gangster’ but none the less it has become an instant hit – even making it to the Huffington Post! Since going viral the video has been taken down from the society’s Youtube page and social media channel, but as Rebecca Black know all too well, its still lives on on-line to haunt them.


I love amusement parks but unfortunately haven’t been to one since childhood when I was too young for the big rollercoasters.  But I think I have possibly found some that would satisfy my thrill seeking urge even more.

Abandoned amusement parks are where it’s at and I came across this website which has compiled a list of their top ten in the world.  The pictures show sights that could very well be out of a horror film and give me the proper heebie jeebies which I think attracts me even more.  These places definitely provide fantastic photo opportunities with some shots being very striking encouraging you to imagine a time when they were rife with customers.

One things for sure though, you wouldn’t catch me hanging around these spots at night time.  Or maybe you would.



When most people think of their ambitions, many conjure thoughts of pursuing a career, starting a family or travelling the world, but not this big mamma.  Susanne Feman from Arizona, USA has saddled herself with the mammoth task of becoming the fattest woman in the world.  Tipping the scales at a colossal 52st, the mum of two is striving to reach an obscene 115st by the time she’s 42.  Claiming to feel more sexy and womanly as a result of gargantuan size, Suzanne is planning to reach her goal by stuffing in around 20,000 calories per day.  And guess what???? She doesn’t work.  Oh how fitting….. How on earth is she going to pay for the food and health bills?  Perhaps marry a feeder who also happens to be a doctor…. Have a look at her photograph.  She can even do the splits.   Definitely marriage material if you ask me.



If the five links a day from Holyrood PR aren’t enough to sate your need for quirky and unusual stories, then best check out this weekly round up of weird and wonderful news from the BBC’s Odd Box. It’s presented by Dominic Byrne. I first heard of him as ‘Donkey Dom’ the newsreader on the Radio 1 Breakfast show, but if you ask me, he really went mainstream as the voice of the Zorst Report on the CBeebies show, Space Pirates.

Put that in your odd box.