Osborne’s images from Scotland’s swining skills

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Press releases

Osborne’s images from Scotland’s swining skills

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Press releases
Jimmy Osborne

The work of acclaimed Scottish fashion advertising photographer Jimmy Osborne is to feature in an exclusive exhibition celebrating the creative spirit of the sixties and seventies in Scotland.

The exhibition, “When Time was Short and Hair was Long”, will launch on Wednesday, August 15, at rick’s boutique bar and hotel, Frederick Street, Edinburgh.

The nostalgic display of digitally reproduced black and white photographs will reflect the exciting creative movement taking place in Edinburgh in the late sixties and early seventies, when Jimmy Osborne pioneered specialist fashion advertising north of the border.

Presented via four montages, the evocative images will include much of Osborne’s groundbreaking work for leading Scottish fashion houses such as Jenners, Pringle and Munrospun in the 1960s and 1970s.

The collection also features iconic images of some of Scotland’s first successful models Lisa Harrower, Christine Gupta and Frances Collins, who began their modelling careers working for Osborne.

Other famous faces captured in the Osborne style were Princess Grace at the Fringe Festival, actress Sarah Collier, best known for her starring role in hit TV show Sutherland’s Law, and Jilly Johnson, famous as one of the first models to appear topless in a British newspaper.

The exhibition celebrates a significant period in Scottish creative talent, which coincided with the emergence of the city’s now phenomenal international festival. It was during this era that legendary festival hot spots such as the Ricky Demarco Gallery in Melville Crescent and the Traverse Theatre Club in the High Street were first established.


Jimmy said: “This was a very exciting time creatively in Scotland, and it was a huge thrill to be a part of a groundbreaking era.

“The era saw a move away from dependency on London, and an increased emphasis on the sourcing of home-grown talent for the development of fashion advertising photography in Scotland.”

The revival of Jimmy’s work is the result of encouragement from his wife Mary and family, and he subsequently approached Montpeliers about exhibiting his work.

David Johnson, Development Manager for Montpeliers (Edinburgh), which owns Ricks, said: “The exhibition reflects a groundbreaking era in Scotland, of which Jimmy Osborne was truly one of the pioneers. He was a huge talent to emerge from Scotland, and this exhibition is a genuine opportunity to enjoy a fascinating glimpse into Scotland’s own swinging sixties.”

Rick’s boutique bar and hotel is well known for its use of innovative art in its interiors, and will host the Jimmy Osborne exhibition throughout the festival period.

Digitally reproduced images by Jimmy Osborne will also be available for purchase on limited edition request for the first time.