One Step Ahead Of The Aging Process With Face Scanning Technology

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miss scotland sculpta An innovative clinic that provides a one stop shop of beauty and cosmetic treatments is offering women the solution to the age-old challenge of how to look forever young.

The Sculpta Cosmetic Clinic has introduced hi-tech Visia facial scanning technology that provides a stunning picture of how an individual face will grow old.

The technology works by taking a series of digital photographs of the face, producing both standard and UV images.

These images are then calculated against relative others of the same age, gender and ethnicity to provide a complexion analysis that measures wrinkles, analyses the evenness of pores and pigmentation as well as providing a representation of UV damage.

Results of the analysis can then be used to predict how each individual will age over the coming years and determine a course of beauty and cosmetic treatments, tailored to hold back the aging process.

You can shop for anti ageing products from LA Beauty and keep your skin fresh and young for many more years to come.

As well as being used to the benefit of aesthetic treatments, the technology is also been hailed as a useful tool for identifying and diagnosing skin cancer – thanks to its UV projections.

Dr Mohammad Ahmad, Clinical Director of Sculpta Clinic, said: “Our skin provides the first tell tale signs of ageing.

“Women across the world are obsessed with retaining the fresh and healthy looking skin of their youth  – and stave off wrinkles as long as possible.

“Visia technology now means for the first time we are able to discover the beginnings of the aging process.

“Technology like this vital as it gives an amazing clear and accurate insight into what is happening on the surface and beneath the skin and determine the future aging process.

“This is a fantastic advantage for aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons, as it enables us to suggest the relative courses of treatments for each individual and also allows for the modification of daily beauty regimes to rebalance and protect the skin.”

“All our patients are amazed and intrigued by the results, which give a powerful insight into the aging process.”

Sculpta Clinic launched Visia at its official launch night with Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh being one of the first to test it out.

Nicola said: “Although I am comfortable with my looks, like most women I wouldn’t be adverse to improvements. It’s no longer taboo to talk about cosmetic procedures, because now it’s all about the individual and their confidence.

“The team and technology available at the Sculpta clinic are great as they give us all a better understanding of how far cosmetic procedures have come and how they can help us achieve the looks and confidence we want.”

A Visia face scan costs £50 and is carried out by one of the clinic highly trained aestheticians.

As well as Visia technology, the clinic also provides a range of innovative treatments including micro dermabrasion, anti-wrinkle injections, acne and pigmentation treatment, carboxytherapy, autolougus skin harvesting, DermaRoller micro needling and laser resurfacing.

Popular treatments such as pain free laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, Vaser ‘wide awake’ liposuction, Med Contouring , hair implantation, bespoke teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry; along with the clinics own weight management programme Sculpta Slim, complete the extensive list of treatments available.

The clinic also provides all of its clients with a 24 hour on-call medical doctor to offer the best in after care.

The team at Sculpta Clinic has equipment not yet seen anywhere else in Scotland, offering the best aesthetic treatments and medical care possible and strives to be at the forefront of all new clinically proven treatments and products to deliver only the very best results for its patients.

For further information on the treatments available at Sculpta Clinic (13 Royal Crescent, Glasgow, G3 7SL), contact Dr Ahmad or a member of the team on 0845 277 0989 or alternatively visit

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