Olympic Focus For Edinburgh Law Student

Project Work and Other Clients Press releases

Olympic Focus For Edinburgh Law Student

Project Work and Other Clients Press releases

Balfour + Manson

Local PR for Scottish Law Firm 

Olympic hopeful Lynsey Sharp paid a visit this week to an Edinburgh based law firm Balfour + Manson to give the trainees a motivational talk on how she manages to juggle intensive training with studying for a law degree.

The 21 year old is one of the UK’s top 800m runners and is hoping to clinch a place in the 2012 Olympic squad as well as finish her law degree at Edinburgh Napier University.

Balfour + Manson, which has been sponsoring Lynsey since the age of eleven was keen to get the runner in to speak to its trainees to give them a bit of a boost at a busy time.

Lynsey said about her experiences: “When I see friends out partying I have to stay focussed. That’s why I remind myself that I’ll have my whole life to party, but I’ve only got a few short years to achieve my sporting dream.

“I’ve already put in a decade of training and effort into my goal of winning international gold. That is usually motivation enough. At other times the support my friends, family and sponsors like Balfour + Manson reminds me why I am doing this.”

Balfour + Manson partner Andrew Gibb who has known the Sharp family for many years originally arranged for the firm to become the young athlete’s first sponsor.

He said: “I have known Lynsey since she was a little girl and even then it was apparent she was an exceptional character. We’re very grateful she spoke with our trainees because they clearly found it highly motivating as did a number of our more senior staff.We are all willing her to further success.”

This coverage was secured with the Edinburgh Reporter as part of a sustained PR campaign carried out by Holyrood PR on behalf of Balfour + Manson.