Just how did our nuttiest story yet hit an audience of 3 million and counting?

by Chris Fairbairn

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

A peanut tap has proven the hidden power of the humble press release when it comes to unlocking awesome digital PR success

Social Media Reach Infographic for Mackie's 19.2 Peanut Butter Tap PR agency in Scotland

THE HUMBLE press release is on its deathbed. Or so many hobby futurologists would have you believe.

In today’s fast-paced world and faced with our own diminishing attention spans, how can a text-heavy Word document (a relatively unaltered media relic) still maintain its relevance?

With brands increasingly look to the “influencers” du jour to dazzle an audience by plugging a product on Instagram or Snapchat, the basic media release can start to appear unglamorous, staid and so far beyond its sell by date the pages have turned crusty.

Yet appearances can deceive. In fact, the humble press release is still alive and well – and can be the key to unlocking amazing social media and digital PR results. Like our press release telling the story of an ice cream parlour’s peanut butter tap, which delivered:

  • Viral video stories on two of the internet’s fastest-growing and best-known digital news outlets
  • More than 2.5 MILLION video views
  • Almost 11,000 Likes
  • 3000 plus online shares
  • 15,000 plus comments or interactions

Those astonishing figures were over and above the extensive more “traditional”  media coverage we earned for luxury ice cream maker Mackie’s of Scotland, with the story of a peanut butter tap in its Aberdeen-based 19.2 ice cream parlour.

So just how did we deliver these outstanding digital PR results? Read on to find out more:

The most modern of results

Digital PR success delivered by Mackie's peanut butter tap

The fast changing online world has transformed how news is reported and consumed. New platforms and outlets seem to spring up overnight, often relying on viral, visual (most often video), content. Two of the biggest on the scene are LADBible and UNILAD.

Both are known for being at the cutting edge of trends, producing modern, quick content for the “social generation” –  a choosy and discerning post-Millennial audience who want their news delivered in a snappy, snackable and mobile friendly format.

When we learned hat our client, Mackie’s 19.2’s constant flowing tap of pure peanutty goodness was likely the first in the UK we instinctively realised its visual potential. After all, in a world of instagram, paleo diets and #fitspo, peanut butter is enjoying a renaissance as a healthy treat, especially with millennials.

After carefully pitching our humble media release to a video journalist contact at LADBible, we then proposed using another of our areas of expertise to make a feature even more appealing: PR video.

Our PR Video team collaborated with Mackie’s to provide a tasty video package, shot and loosely edited in a way that fulfilled LADBible’s requirements, the resulting video has since racked up more than 2 million views and counting – and has even been shared by Aberdeen Airport and Robert Gordon University.

Not content with reaching the equivalent of 40 full capacity Hampden Parks worth of viewers, we ensured further video coverage on UNILAD – reaching an extra 570,000 – along with local coverage in Aberdeen – and Scotsman Food and Drink.

Social Media Reach Infographic for Mackie's 19.2 Peanut Butter Tap PR agency in Scotland

The success continues – with further outlets whose modus operandi is to share viral video content uploading and sharing the video – and exposing the brand to an ever growing audience.
Most recently it has featured in LADBible’s own FOODBible page, which has again reached a further 50,000 viewers.

Every day we are telling the stories of our clients in a way that boosts their business in the media best suited to sharing their story and reaching an important audience.

Should you ever find yourself in a room with a marketing guru telling you why you should spend huge amounts on social, belittling the waning power of the media, feel free to tuck this nuttiest of stories in your back pocket.

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Chris Fairbairn of Scottish public relations agency, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh

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