Number One Fizzy Facelift At Cosmetic Clinic

by Laura Berry

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Sculpta Clinic Number 1 magazine A popular cosmetic clinic grabs some beautiful PR Scotland in a popular Scottish lifestyle magazine thanks to its innovative new treatment.

Number 1 magazine has featured a review of an innovative new treatment which has been described as the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging treatments since Botox.

Sculpta Clinic, which has venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as London’s Harley Street is the first venue in Scotland to offer the Rio Blush carboxytherapy treatment and invited journalist Emma Hayley Dixon along to the clinic to try it out for herself.

The treatment works by injecting carbon dioxide gas into the treatment areas to eradicate wrinkles and the appearance stretch marks and reduce darck circles under the eyes giving a more youthful appearance.

The reviewer comments on how the staff at the clinic including clinical director Dr Mohammed Ahmad made her feel right at ease and explained the treatment to her in a way which was easy to understand. The clinic also provided a facial skin analysis using their state of the art Visia face scanning technology – which shows a detailed picture of the skin at and below the surface.

The article goes on to explain how carboxytherapy works, by dilating the blood vessels allowing an increase of oxygen and other nutrients to travel to the treated area.

As well as carboxytherapy, the reviewer also underwent microneedling underneath her eyes in order to eridacte some of the fine lines. Microneedling works, by using minute needles to exert pressure on the skin. This pressure then promotes the skin to produce new collagen making the area appear fuller and more youthful.

The reviewer sums up her overall treatment experience in the article: “You could easily have this treatment one day and be back at work the next.

“I was very, very impressed with the results, the area around my eyes has not looked so smooth, flat and bright in at least 15 years and the fine lines around my eyes have all but disappeared. I would say this new treatment more than lives up to the hype.”

Sculpta Clinic offers on the very best in cosmetic and beauty treatments and is at the forefront of all the latest cosmetic technologies.

As well as carboxytherapy, the clinic offers a range of treatments including Botox, microdermabrasion, Dermaroller and painfree laser hair removal.

Carboxytherapy is priced from £295 per treatment and more information as well as information about the clinic’s other treatments can be found on their website. See here to buy instant facelift serum without the hassel fo undergoing painful procedures to get that youthful skin.

The artcilce in Number 1 magazine was secured as part of a sustained PR and social media campaign carried out on behalf of Sculpta Clinic on behalf of the Holyrood PR.


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