Not Letting the Credit Grinch Grip

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Blog

Edinburgh companies have planned to defy the doom and gloom of the credit crunch and celebrate the festive season in style.

Over 4000 people have booked Christmas celebrations through style bar operator Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd’s which runs eight cutting edge venues in the city including Tigerlily and Opal Lounge.

The company, which was established in 1992, recognised that festive cheer and bookings could be at serious risk due to the major economic downturn. It launched Christmas packages that reflected the change in public consciousness to leisure spending.

Christmas at Montpeliers

David Johnston, Development Director at Montpeliers, said: “The economic downturn has forced all businesses to reassess how they operate and what products and services they offer their customers. As a luxury brand group we had to be particularly careful about compromising on price, without compromising on quality.

“Our Christmas packages, particularly those being held mid week, are superb value for money which is very important. When money is tight people want to know that each pound they are spending is worth it, and we have aimed to ensure that is so.

“As a result our Christmas bookings are absolutely through the roof, three months before the celebrations begin.”

Montpeliers appointed dedicated Christmas Coordinator, Patrick Darling, at the beginning August. It now has five Christmas Coordinators.

The team is currently handling almost 250 bookings a day.

Patrick said: “The team of Christmas Coordinators has been unbelievably busy since it officially launched in August. People had been making enquiries and provisional bookings as early as December last year, I think people are becoming more and more keen to plan their special celebrations earlier and earlier.”

Montpeliers is offering special deals form Sunday to Wednesday with a two course dinner and a Festive Rocco Bellini on offer for as little as £15 at its venues Candy Kitchen + Bar, Indigo Yard and Rick’s.

It is also offering half price drinks for Christmas parties, as well as competitive prices for meals booked at the weekend.

David added: “Christmas is a time to celebrate and this year, as I think everyone will agree, there is a real need to let our hair down.

“Our bookings for Christmas 2008 are phenomenal considering the battering the UK economy is taking but what we’re offering is an antidote to the doom and gloom that people want to spend money on as they recognise the value in having a good time.”