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Being very much a 90s kid I can only look back fondly on that decade. My childhood was spent in double denim, scrunchies and waiting excitedly for my 16th birthday when my parents would, ofcourse break the news that I was a witch Sabrina style. For this reason I throughly enjoyed a trip down memory lane with this list of toys from the 90s. My personal favourites are Pokemon cards and the amazingly addictive ‘Bopit’. Not to sound like an oldie at the age of 22 but they honestly just don’t make toys like they used to, seeing as Furby’s are making a big comeback maybe we’ll soon be seeing the return of tamigotchi’s and spending our summers having water fights with super soakers…oh I hope so!


To be honest I’ve never been that big a fan of Pepsi as I’m a devoted Coke lover but I think the latest idea from the drinks brand is pretty good. Pepsi Interactive Vending is a result of a pilot programme in America which brings a personalised element to drinks vending. This new machine allows consumers to not only buy their favourite fizz but also play interactive games and win juice for friends. Not bad but I hear on the grapevine that Coke did something similar a couple of years ago. Always trying to keep up with the Joneses is Pepsi.


One of the biggest problems with Titanic is the fact that Jack dies despite there being seemingly plenty room on the plank of wood for the two of them.This became even clearer when I watched Titanic in 3D recently!Since the movie came out in 1997 this debate has plagued director James Cameron, so to shut his critics up once and for all, he has appeared on The Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters documentary series where the team used science to prove/disprove the theory.Read on to find out whether Jack and Rose could have lived happily ever after!​


So,’s list of ’10 people you’ll only see in New York’ does what is says on the tin – but it makes interesting reading none the less. From  topless activists stotting around the East village in an attempt to raise awareness for a law passed in 1992 (which gave women the express right to do just this), to a man balancing a cat on his head as he strolls through the centre of the city, New Yorkers really do seem to hold the crown for acceptable, yet extreme, oddness. Good on them.


Here’s a wee story to perk you up from the midweek blues! An 87 year old Italian man made his own attempt at the great escape by fleeing his retirement home on his electric scooter. The octogenarian enjoyed around 2 hours of freedom before he was spotted riding down the motorway by police. Read the full story on The Huffington post before enjoying their amusing clips of some other unlikely heroes making a dash for freedom.​