No two days the same

Intern Programme
By Vitaliya Klimashevska
Vita Intern9493

WHEN I got offered an internship I obviously got very excited, although I have never heard good things about having a 9-5 routine.

However, at Holyrood PR no single day or internship experience is the same and boring is certainly not the word I’d use!

Despite all the fantastic blog posts of ex-interns who have been through the famed Holyrood PR door, I was terrified of my first day – so terrified in fact that I forgot which door it was. I’m not sure having the Account Director, Brian, pointing me towards the correct entrance through the window was the best start possible – but at least I made an entrance!

I am just about to enter my final year of Public Relations and Marketing course at QMU therefore I thought it was the right time for me to see if I was born to be a PR expert and test out how the theory we study at university compares to the real PR world.

Being an award-winning Public Relations agency, Holyrood PR was a fantastic opportunity for me to find out what I would have to do in my future job, and more importantly learn from PR specialists.

I won’t spoil the surprise of what’s in store for interns at Holyrood by running you through my day-to-day tasks, because in reality this team will make yours different to mine. However I am more than happy to tell you that I am only through my first week of internship and I already feel part of the team.

I have learnt a huge amount so far and realised that there are plenty of areas for improvement in terms of my writing so I have a lot of practicing to do. I also found that I need to be more up to date with the world on daily basis in order to succeed in this industry.

One thing I have noticed as a student from Portugal working here in Edinburgh, is that at Holyrood you learn there isn’t such thing as language barrier. There are no excuses, you can do it – whatever it is!

I must mention and also thank the team for being extremely patient and helpful, they all seem to have a great deal of PR experience and are happy to pass their skills on to their interns.

I am about to complete my first week and I already don’t want to leave as I have found that 9-5 at Holyrood PR is exciting, fun and challenging. These incredibly busy 5 days, surrounded by such professional team, have filled me with motivation and determination for my career in PR.

It might seem a bit cheesy to thank Alie, Sarah, Ross, Chris and Craig individually, but they all deserve a mention for their support, help and patience. Roll on the next three weeks.


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