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The team at Holyrood PR have an eye on the news 24/7 and we pride ourselves to be able to find some of the most interesting, funny and even strange stories around. Today we bring you a mix of world records, pirates and birds all washed down with a delightful dose of ballet. So, what do you think? Tell us via our facebook and twitter pages.


Angry Birds is the iPhone app that has taken the app world by storm and now they have secured a tie in deal with 20th Century Fox and their new animation RIO. The new app takes the birds away from their long standing battle with egg stealing green pigs and places them in sunnier climes in Rio as they find themselves trapped in a warehouse with other colourful birds and using the same features as the original app free those trapped.

Unfortunately though for Angry Bird fans in the UK this app won’t be available just yet, it launched earlier this month for US customers but won’t be available on our shores till April even though their advert tag line quotes ‘Available today in app stores worldwide’.

A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME (Adrian)       

The last two Pirates of the Caribbean movies may have been a sprawling mess of convoluted plots and wooden acting, but the forthcoming Episode IV of Captain Jack Sparrow’s adventures looks like a return to form. The good news is that Keira and Orlando’s tepid love story is out, while Penelope Cruz appears as the feisty new female lead and Ian McShane will likely steal the show as Blackbeard. Here’s the latest trailer…


Chefs in Italy have smashed a Guinness World record this week by making the world’s longest ever sausage.  At a staggering 597-meteres in length, this bad boy took ten men from the small town of Penne three hours to put together and when complete the gargantuan sausage weighed more than half a tonne.  Following its official measurement, the sausage was cut into 7,000 pieces, cooked and dished out to spectators to raise money for a local charity.  Let’s hope they don’t get a bout of food poisoning.


One of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses passed away today at the age of 79. The BBC has put together an obituary for legendary screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, paying tribute to the woman who stayed in the spotlight both on and off the silver screen.


The Pet Shop Boys have unveiled their first ballet which will run in London until the weekend. Its first reviews have mentioned “house” and “trance” and it’s even been branded “a treat” and “baffling”. This isn’t their first venture into theatrical talent so it’ll be an exciting wait to see what they can come up with next.