New Rush Of Job Applicants For Panton McLeod

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New Rush Of Job Applicants For Panton McLeod

Panton McLeod Blog

Panton McLeod receives positive headlines thanks to Holyrood PR PR in EdinburghDirectors at Scottish water quality engineering firm Panton McLeod have been left shocked after an advert for a new staff member attracted more than 100 applications in just four days.

While other companies across the country have been cost-cutting and trimming their workforces, Borders-based Panton McLeod has seen the economic downturn as a perfect time to grow its business.

But the firm was left stunned after it placed an advert for a new labourer position – and received more than 100 applications from as far afield as Glasgow, Newcastle and Cardiff.

Operations director Paul Henderson said: “We were shocked when we started to receive so many applications for a single junior position at the company. In the past, we’ve put adverts out for positions and had very little interest but now, because of the state of the economy, we’ve been bombarded with CVs and notes of interest.

Water expert’s Scottish PR attracts job applicants

The construction and engineering industry is in a bad state at the moment and there are many people across the whole UK who are currently out of work. So far we’ve had more than 100 applications for our position in just under a week and it is getting to the point where we will have to remove the advert – as we just can’t spare any more time to go through all of the CVs we’re getting.

“We’ve had people from as far away as Glasgow and Newcastle enquiring about the job, even though it is based in the Scottish Borders. We even had one guy from Cardiff call up to enquire about jobs, just because he had seen one of our vans in his area and had found out what we do through our website.

“At Panton McLeod, everyone’s role within the company is equally important and we are able to grow thanks to the customer service provided by the whole team – from the guys working on site to the company directors. The important thing in any company is the staff, so the successful person for this job will have to have the right ‘Panton McLeod mentality’.

“With so much interest in the job, we’re sure we will be able to find the right person to join our team and help us grow further across the UK.”

Engineers enjoy high profile PR in Scotland

Panton McLeod, based in Newton St Boswells, is one of the UK’s leading water cleaning engineering firms and is one of only a handful with the expertise to clean the hidden structures which deliver safe, clean water to millions of homes and businesses.

The company has spent almost 20 years perfecting highly-specialised cleaning methods and developing treatments which thoroughly disinfect underground water storage tanks – known as service reservoirs – without compromising water quality.

Its services are in demand by some of the biggest water companies in the country, including Scottish Water, Severn Trent Water, Thames, Northumbrian and Yorkshire.

The firm, which also has bases in Nottingham and the United States, has also pioneered the use of underwater robots which are used to inspect and clean structures used to store potable drinking water across the UK.

The machines remotely operated and fitted with camera and lighting equipment, which allows staff controlling the sub to assess the interior of the tanks. They are also used solely within clean potable water environments and meticulously cleaned and disinfected prior to every use to ensure they can be safely used in the public water supply, and Panton McLeod conducts rigorous tests before and after each inspection.

Panton McLeod enjoys a high media profile and positive headlines thanks to an ongoing public relations strategy carried out by Scottish PR experts the Holyrood PR.