New Eco-Friendly Business Drive by Recycle Scotland

by Holyrood PR

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Recycle Scotland repurposes unwanted office furniture from Scottish businessesNew drive for recycling experts

Businesses across Scotland are being offered the chance to dispose of their unwanted office furniture in the most ethical and eco-friendly way possible, following the re-structuring of one of the country’s top recycling organisations.

Recycle Scotland’s specialist service prevents old office fixtures and equipment from being sent to landfill – by instead offering them to charities and other organisations.

With a new business plan in place, Recycle Scotland has set a target of saving 1000 tonnes of office furniture from landfill in 2011 – the equivalent weight of 200 elephants – and is aiming to expand its range of business recycled services in the coming years.

Kevin Green, who has been appointed general manager of Recycle Scotland following the re-structure, said: “We have always provided important recycling services for companies looking to strengthen their corporate social responsibilities.

“However, after re-organising our business strategy, we are now in an even stronger position to drive forward our recycling credentials across the whole of Scotland.

“Our immediate aim is to recycle 1000 tonnes of furniture within the next 12 months. It’s an ambitious target but, as we already have forthcoming projects in place with major clients including RBS and Napier University that will account for around half of this total, we hope to achieve this before the end of 2011.

PR in Scotland for recycling business

“We are also committed to helping charitable organisations and groups throughout the country who are in need of good quality office equipment. We will give these groups the chance to purchase high quality chairs, desks and other repurposed office furniture at the most cost-effective prices – or, in some cases, for free.

“Many companies have a clear commitment on corporate social responsibility, with a key aspect of this being a focus on good environmental credentials. So when it comes to replacing furniture for their premises they are anxious to know that the old equipment simply won’t be sent to landfill.

“We’d also hope to hear on an increasing basis from businesses, who may not be aware of our services, and who are interested in knowing that we can ensure their old furniture is properly recycled and does not simply get dumped.”

In addition to taking companies’ surplus and unwanted office furniture, Recycle Scotland will also be offering refurbished furniture for sale from its operations hub in West Lothian. This service will allow firms and organisations to purchase high quality chairs, desks and other repurposed office furniture at the most cost-effective prices.

The organisation is also planning to expand its range of services in the future to include recycling other business assets such as IT systems, white goods and construction waste – eventually expanding Recycling Scotland to provide an all-in-one recycling solution to suit every business sector across Scotland.

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