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Achieve a New You this New Year at Dermal Clinic

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Achieve a New You this New Year at Dermal Clinic

Dermal Clinic Press releases

The Dermal Clinic Staff - Edinburgh PRBEAUTY conscious Scots setting their New Year resolutions should look to Edinburgh based cosmetic specialist, Dermal Clinic.

The award-winning clinic offers a variety of renowned treatments – including Edinburgh’s only medically supported weight loss programme – which are proven to deliver results.

The most common resolutions centre around image, with self-conscious Scots focusing on ways to build confidence by enhancing and improving the way they look.

Come January gyms are full of people wanting to make this ‘their year’.  In fact, at the beginning of 2017 a whopping.

Edinburgh based Dermal Clinic is one of only three clinics in Scotland to offer the Alevere weight loss programme, while it also delivers many other non-surgical treatment, from facial rejuvenation, to skin smoothing processes – all of which allow patients to achieve their goals to look and feel better.

Founder of the clinic, Jackie Partridge is a multi-award winning cosmetic nurse who was headhunted by the Scottish Government to spearhead new safety regulations for the cosmetic treatment sector. She is also a globally renowned speaker and trainer in safe facial injection techniques and is regularly called on to teach plastic surgeons, doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals.

Jackie said: “All year round we help our clients focus on achieving their goals. That is even more appropriate at this time, when we help them stick to New Year resolutions so that they can make 2018 their year.

“Often people have a skewed impression of what a cosmetic clinic like ours offers. It’s nothing to do with celebrity facelifts or faddy treatments.

“In fact, our patients are discerning, professionals both men and women. They demand and expect subtle and nuanced results which let them look their absolute best without ever compromising their health or leaving them wishing they could undo the results.”

Dermal Clinic, in Edinburgh’s Morningside, has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and since being founded by Jackie and husband Jarrod has also proved a business success story, enjoy double digit growth every year.

The team put that success down to the range of proven, safe and best-in-the-field services and treatments on offer at the clinic, including:


Launched in 2013, Alevere allows patients to rapidly reach their weight loss goals without having to risk undergoing surgery. Dermal Clinic is one of three clinics in Scotland – and the only one in Edinburgh – to offer this life changing weight loss programme which is supervised by two highly respected local GPs.

Jackie said: “This is a fantastic treatment for those wishing to make life altering changes to their appearance and overall health. Not only does it allow you to reach your weight loss goals but also provides you with support and education to help you keep the weight off and transform your negative attitude towards food.

Skin Tightening

If you’re looking to achieve a smoother body and want to get rid of cellulite, love handles, a muffin top or simply loose skin, then this is the treatment for you.

Dermal Clinic uses the most advanced technology to provide a pain-free treatment to smoother skin. No matter what part of your body needs a little tweaking, the technology tightens skin and reduces fat cells from head to toe.

Body Contouring

Med Contour Dual treats those fatty areas that diet and exercise have failed to budge. After just four to six treatment sessions per area, fat cells are destroyed through ultrasound vibrations. One area is approximately equal to a sheet of A4 paper.

Med Contour Dual effectively targets all areas of your body, except the face and neck. For a full body sculpt treatment which can make you look flawless you can check out and contact the Sculpt Studio plastic surgeons. You can check out the sculpt surgery website if you want to know more about their services and how you can avail them.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Wanting to improve the volume, texture and pigmentation of your skin whilst also combating signs of ageing? Dermal Clinic offers Laser Skin Rejuvenation one of the most effective treatments for those skin issues. Using a RevLite laser it allows areas to be targeted going into the deepest layers of skin allowing as little as three treatments to correct any problem.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Once considered a permanent addition to your skin, tattoos can be something people grow out of and want to get removed. Dermal Clinic understands this and provides Laser Tattoo Removal that offers customers the option to get tattoos they no longer want removed.

Detox Facials

Dermal Clinic has regularly been at the forefront of facial treatments, which work to protect patients’ skin from signs of ageing, breakouts, sun damage and much more.

The Bioceutrics facials target each layer of skin ensuring they are hydrated, protected and repaired. Jackie adds: “No matter how busy your schedule may be, there is a facial option suited to you at Dermal Clinic.

“Whether you chose to enjoy our express, regular or ultimate facial, you can ensure you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.”

For a deeper cleanse and exfoliation there is the HydroMedi Pro treatments. This multistage facial is personalised to match whatever the specific needs of the patient are. Whether this be to rectify pollution damage, loss of hydration and elasticity, enlarged pores or oily skin, this deep cleansing treatment promises to exfoliate, hydrate, nourish and protect your skin.


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