Digital PR photography Paths For All podcast success post graphic

National walking charity’s podcast is a smash hit, thanks to digital PR and social media experts

Paths for All Media Coverage

National walking charity’s podcast is a smash hit, thanks to digital PR and social media experts

Paths for All Media Coverage

Innovative and integrated digital PR campaign puts podcast in front of more than 800,000 people

Digital PR photography Paths For All podcast success post graphic

MOST business people struggle to imagine what a truly innovative digital PR and social media campaign might look like.

Rest easy though, because we are here to help by laying out exactly what you might expect from working with genuinely inventive digital PR experts.

When it comes to basking in some brilliant results, how about this:

  • Conceiving a brilliant podcast idea for a client – that they absolutely loved
  • Coming up with a smart and catchy name for the podcast – again which the client loved
  • Securing a top-notch celebrity to lend her voice to the podcast
  • Helping launch the podcast by delivering an impressive bump in the client’s website traffic – adding more than 8,549 web hits
  • Securing support from a clutch of online influencers
  • Ensuring the podcast enjoyed 2172 downloads in its first month

What? That’s still not enough? Ok, how about:

A mere bagatelle and all in a day’s work for the social media and digital PR team here at Holyrood PR. But as you might imagine we’re mightily proud of this rather cheeky wee project that we delivered on behalf of Scotland’s walking charity, Paths for All. So just how did we do it? Read on to find out:

We are constantly dreaming up dazzlingly creative projects and concepts for the charity. Indeed, the podcast success comes just a year after we conceived and delivered a photography exhibition that attracted a huge audience and ended up being invited to show in the Scottish Parliament.

The podcast idea was born after Paths for All challenged us to help them reach new audiences with fresh and challenging thinking.  Our diverse team brainstormed a host of creative ideas to put forward. We come from varied backgrounds, are all different ages and have a wide range of hobbies, however, one common thread quickly emerged – an interest in podcasts.

So, we pitched the concept of a podcast that people could listen to while walking; something that would help with both mental as well as physical wellbeing, making it absolutely in line with what Paths for All was set up to achieve.

The charity team didn’t like the concept … they absolutely LOVED it. And they were even more delighted when we also suggested a name for the podcast – #MindToWalk, a nod to both the mindfulness theme, while also a creative play on Scots slang.

In fact, the Paths for All team loved the proposed hashtag so much, they decided it would be the main focus point for the full campaign. Quite simply, they felt it encompassed everything they were looking for and even made it the name of the overall campaign. Talk about understanding your client, eh?

Digital PR photography Paths For All podcast success post graphic

But there were still challenges. While Paths for All immediately on board they were also eager to launch the podcast to coincide with National Walking Month in May 2020. We knew this would be a fantastic opportunity, but at the same time it tied us to a near impossible deadline.

Things quickly took an even more complicated turn with the Coronavirus pandemic. As lockdown kicked in and the entire nation was left with just one hour a day to get out of the house for exercise, making the podcast more relevant than ever. However, on top of the already difficult deadline it meant we were in squeaky bum time territory. Just as well we never shirk a challenge.

While Paths for All teamed up with a Glasgow-based meditation expert, Dassini Cadwallender, to design a script that would support people dealing with stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19, they also wanted a well-known and relatable voice for the campaign.

Our team researched and proposed several famous names who would be suitable for the campaign, reaching out to agents and voiceover companies. Everyone involved was delighted when broadcaster and DJ, Edith Bowman came on board. We took on the job of contacting and negotiating with Edith’s agents – right down to agreeing the fee.

We also persuaded Edith to provide a great quote as part of the media release which was timed to go out when the podcast went live as part of May’s National Walking Month, which can be read in our original media release announced the launch. The podcast itself can be downloaded here

That integrated print and digital campaign, led to a smash success for the charity. We reached out to influencers with interests in fitness, outdoor, adventure and mindfulness to test out the podcast and share with their followers, with one influencer stating: “Love this podcast, it’s so calming” and another sharing “I absolutely love things like this.”

On top of that we rolled out a tasty package of words and images to national, regional and local media, as well as charity, health, outdoor and lifestyle publications. Pick of the coverage was a prime-time interview slot on BBC Good Morning Scotland with the Chief Officer at Paths for All, Ian Findlay CBE.

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