Use Obscure Days of the Year on Social Media to Your Advantage

by Holyrood PR

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Plan ahead for 2017 with our valuable list of ‘days of the year’ to use to your advantage on social media – in a handy downloadable PDF format.


AS if we needed any other reason to indulge in as much chocolate as possible during the festive season, today (16 Dec) is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

Assuming that this day goes like any other novel national holiday that has been borne of social media, people will discuss chocolate covered things on Twitter and inevitably post pictures of their creations. A Grinch might chime in with the sugar tax, obesity, and unhealthy narrative. Maybe others, who haven’t quite caught on yet, will be asking why their timeline is full of assorted chocolate covered goods.

However, social media did not actually create National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. The illustrious history of this holiday dates back to the 1800s when Swedish Colonisers were settling in Minnesota and brought with them what we now know as chocolate fondue. Very interesting.

Bizarre holidays are a much needed tradition that gives trade groups something to promote and broadcasters a way to fill airtime. What social media has created, however, is the need for billions of people across the world to have something to say. The result is a celebration of the ordinary and mundane, and days such as Drink Wine Day and Talk like Shakespeare Day that seem to exist only online.

Whether it’s Cheese Lover’s Day, Read a Book Day, Dress up a Pet Day or something even more obscure, there really is a national ‘holiday’ for everyone (and for every brand).

These commonly trivial celebrations have generated new and exciting opportunities for professionals to reach a wider audience, generate more social buzz, and hopefully gain more business in the process.

Plan in Advance

Of course not all ‘holidays’ will be applicable to each particular industry, but given the huge and every growing number of them, chances are there are still many that companies can spin in their favour.

Take a look at our ‘Days of the year’ calendar, and note down a handy list of dates that will make the most sense for your business. Click the link to download.

Promote your Chosen Days

Any of these national days can be used to promote your business and to generate as much engagement as possible. To make this easier, it may prove useful to promote any chosen dates in advance in order to encourage followers to participate and use the suitable hashtag when the time comes. This can go hand in hand with an offer or competition to create even more of a buzz.

However it is important to remain aware of what is going on outside of these holidays, as they may fall on higher profile days or clash with other things that are going on in the world. Tweeting about #NationalRelaxationDay when the world is reeling from a tragedy or could paint you in a bad light and could create a negative association towards your brand.

The idea here is to gain as much engagement as possible on social media. The relevance and suitability of all these national observances can generate opportunities for create highly shareable and well thought out content which can do wonders for any brand.

Do you use social media for your business? Learn how to stave off the fatigue by using our expert insight

Our calendar is just the first step, if you want to learn how to effectively manage your social media and online content, our expert team can guide you through the best ways to engage with your online audience.

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