graduate placement at award winning Scottish PR agency

More than just a four-week graduate placement

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More than just a four-week graduate placement

  BlogIntern Programme

Graduate Yolina Boyanova summarises her fast-paced graduate placement at Holyrood PR

Yolina Boyanova

IN A post-pandemic world, almost a year after my lockdown graduation, I walked through the Holyrood PR doors determined to make a start on the PR career I have always wanted.

That being said, walking into the office on my first day, clueless that my placement was remote, I was welcomed with open arms kickstarting an amazing four-weeks at the Holyrood PR headquarters.

Going in thinking I knew what Public Relations is all about, I found myself rediscovering and finally applying many of the concepts I had learned throughout my degree.

There are endless reasons for why I wanted a career in PR, but the best one for me was simple – you do not just learn about PR, you do it, and it is dynamic, fast-paced, and exciting.

And that’s exactly what I got at Holyrood PR.

I got challenged every day, stepping outside of my comfort zone, learning on the go and celebrating the big and small achievements together with the team.

I had the opportunity to attend client meetings, write press releases, draft social copy and brainstorm new ideas for a wide range of accounts.

Every step of the way I felt heard and supported by the team and witnessed how impactful my work could be for the team and our clients.

Amongst the busy days and invigorating tasks, one thing I had not realised was how much I learned within the span of just a few weeks and how much more I have yet to uncover within the PR industry.

Every day was different and looking back I can see a massive improvement in my writing, time management skills and confidence. My four week place has developed invaluable skills I will now use throughout my career.

To anyone who is considering Public Relations as a career path, I would say to pick up the phone, apply for that placement and brace yourself for a whirlwind of professional development.

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