My Four Engaging Weeks in PR

Intern Programme

My time as an intern at Holyrood PR in Edinburgh

By Clarissa Lulli
Talent should be nurtured and encouraged to flourish. At Holyrood PR we love having hungry young minds to feed, so we have a constantly rolling intern programme. Clarissa joined us at our office in Edinburgh to learn how public relations works at our agency. We throw our PR interns in at the deep end where they get a real taste of public relations, not just a dreary diet of filing and kettle duties.

IT IS incredible to think how fast time can fly. It seems unbelievable to realize that I already spent almost a month in this office and soon everything will be over.

I am very thankful to Brian, the Account Director here at Holyrood PR, for giving me such an interesting opportunity. Due to studying public relations and communications at university, I have always been strongly curious to understand how the theory assimilated during lectures has an impact on the real world of PR and on its related fields.

Therefore, having had the chance to intern for a month at an award winning PR agency located in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh, has been a unique learning experience, which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in this career path.

I have to admit that, except for all the academic courses about public relations, communication management and marketing that I have taken in these last three years, I had absolutely no idea what working in this field would actually be like.

Here at Holyrood PR, I finally had the chance to find out and to better understand what it is expected from PR professionals.

I personally believe that the best way to obtain some practical and effective knowledge about PR, is to intern at a PR agency. Thanks to its multitude of clients any student will gain a wide knowledge about all the various skills necessary to develop in order to become a successful professional.

PR agency in Edinburgh offer internship to share some of their expert PR knowledge

It’s fascinating to observe the whole team at Holyrood PR working on different projects, elaborating on creative ideas to help its numerous clients and dealing with a variety of engaging tasks.

I particularly appreciated the encouraging and fun atmosphere among the team. Everyone is always friendly, patient, and ready to cooperate with each other, which is a fundamental element in any work environment.

The overall atmosphere here is very peaceful and positive. Even during the busiest moments of the day, everyone maintains a calm and serious attitude, which allowed me to feel comfortable as soon as I stepped into the office.

The learning outcomes were also fantastic. I am delighted to have finally learnt how to write a decent press release, media coverage, and how to communicate with national publications during phone calls.

There are obviously still plenty of things I need to learn and improve on, however, now I at least know what working for a PR firm is like and what is required.

I would have loved to stay at Holyrood for longer, but unfortunately it is time to move on and use all that I have learnt during this precious experience.

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