My First Week as an Intern Working from Home - PR Placement

My First Week as an Intern Working from Home

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My First Week as an Intern Working from Home

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It’s fair to say my internship experience at Holyrood PR has been unlike most others!

My First Week as an Intern Working from Home - PR Placement

By Dylan Inglis

EVEN though I haven’t been through to the office yet, my first week as an intern was everything I could’ve hoped for and more.

When I applied for the internship, my hopes were to be able to really understand what the world of PR was like and get a real sense of the working environment at an award-winning PR company.

Whilst, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make it to Edinburgh, the team has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome.

When I spoke to the team before I started, I knew to expect a fast-paced role – but be prepared, they’re not kidding on!

This is exactly the type of experience someone like me is after. I’ve managed to enhance my skills in areas such as social media work, press releases, and even learning how to create graphics for social and the Holyrood PR website.

My days are done in an instant, I find it quite hard to believe my first week’s almost over already!

Another key skill the team is helping me with is communicating with clients. Just yesterday I got to take part in an interview with a happy buyer for one of our clients with another of the team. Sometimes you don’t get much time for interviews, so it was really useful to get a feel for what kind of questions you should be asking, and how you then turn those interviews into a press release.

Even just a week into the internship, I’ve already worked for some amazing clients, including the likes of Mackie’s, Dundas and Mansfield – each of which has different styles and preferences I’ve had to learn.

While the hands-on role may seem a bit daunting to some, I really can’t stress enough just how happy everyone on the Holyrood PR team is to help. Everyone I’ve met has been really helpful – if  I’ve ever been stuck with a task they’re all on hand which, when you’re unable to meet the team in person, really helps to get you settled in.

Even after just a week in the role, Holyrood PR’s intern programme has really helped me improve my skills, and get a much better grasp of what it’s like to work in the world of PR.

I couldn’t recommend the internship enough to anyone aspiring for a career in PR, even when working remotely, it’s well worth it!


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