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By Hannah McConnachie

UNFORTUNATELY, my fabulous month at the award winning PR agency, Holyrood PR is over, and it actually feels like the end of an era. You may not think one month is a sufficient time to even generate an era, but I did, and I am devastated to leave the glorious Holyrood team.

Attempting to build my PR knowledge prior to my internship, I bought a library worth of Public Relations books. The PR Masterclass, PR Superstar, Public Relations for Dummies, How to get a job in PR, you name it – I have the book lurking at home. Although all these books highlighted the top tips to becoming a ‘successful’ PR agent. No amount of books and PR ‘geniuses’ could have prepared me for the invaluable experience I have gained at Holyrood PR, it has been an absolute pleasure.

In my first blog I discussed my optimistic nature, maybe not realistic  – thinking I could achieve Edina Monsoon’s lifestyle with the click of my fingers, a sparkling smile and a drive for success.  Now I can confidently say, I’ve developed a more grounded approach towards achieving my ambitious professional carer.

What can you do in four weeks at an award-winning PR agency? Read my first week blog here and see for yourself

I have learnt so much during my time at Holyrood PR, from how to write a press release to making sure I got the coffee order right. As my fabulous month comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learnt over the past four weeks, and the inspiration it has given me to pursue my dream at becoming a PR superstar.

My highlight over the course of my internship has been producing a press release for Bupa Care Homes.

One of their residents, Neil McNeil was going to be celebrating a milestone birthday, and after speaking with his family I understood his secret to living till 104 was his daily addiction to a  bowl (or two) of Scott’s Porage Oats. His story has (so far) been featured by the Paisley Press and online with The Daily Record. And that’s not all, some of the national papers are taking a real interest in this lovely story of a very impressive man.

Seeing my work appear as articles in respected, famous media outlets gave me a massive sense of achievement and pride. That was the point where it all came together – helping me understand the PR process and learn how to deliver on client objectives.

I’ve really enjoyed using WordPress to upload press releases, image galleries, blogs and media releases to the website.   I’ve even been inspired to start my own blog on brunching, lunching, wining and dining across Edinburgh. (Watch this space).

Videographer Craig captures fantastic images and footage to accompany all the content on the Holyrood website.  I’ve always had a keen interest in photography, and I am an avid Instagrammer.  Holyrood has taught me the importance of photography to accompany stories, to make the release more captivating to the audience. I’ve just managed to buy myself my own Cannon camera, and intend on taking a photography course to develop my skills.

I admit, prior to my internship I seldom read the newspapers, unless it was to read the latest foodie reviews and recipes.  However, at Holyrood it has become one of my favorite daily tasks.  It is interesting to see the same story distributed in different publications, appreciating the diverse angle’s journalists have taken.

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Although I have been slightly swept away with the glamourisation of PR on television, I certainly did not expect as an intern to attend any Sex in the City style events.  However, at the end of my first week I was pleasantly surprised to be ‘on the list’ at Tigerlily’s relaunch party.

During my last week at Holyrood PR,  everyone was in particular high spirits, attending the CIPR awards. Holyrood PR won ‘Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy’, ‘Young Communicator of the Year’ and came second for the best use of photography.

It’s so nice to see this wee agency, which I have enjoyed working with so much, be given the recognition it clearly deserves from the recognised trade body.

I am incredibly grateful for this fabulous opportunity.  The Holyrood team has taught and supported me, given me motivation and encouragement and filled me with hope.  I wish I didn’t have to leave.  In fact, I would apply for the Internship position again – if I could!  However, I now feel much more confident about following my dream and achieving my ambitions.  I know I am now one step closer to becoming an Edina superstar.

Thank you Holyrood PR!


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