Murray Serves Grand Slam Response

by Cat Timoney

Friday, July 14th, 2017

A Return Winner from the World Number One Fends Off Casual Sexism

Andy Murray Serves Up Grand Slam to Ace Scottish PR

OVER the years, Sir Andy Murray has become an unlikely national treasure.

In taking the alternative route and never once adhering to the sports-star-come-TV-personality act chosen by countless before him, he has perhaps found it has taken a little longer to get those (especially south of the border) to warm to his admittedly dour charms.

In the past, like many, I’d never been particularly taken with “Murray Fever”. His lack of enthusiasm has always kind of bored me. I have found his court side outbursts a little embarrassing.

Not to mention when he was presented with Sports personality of the year and stared blankly at the camera he was being broadcasted from in what could only be described as the most awkward 70 seconds of 2016.

We look back on some of the PR Highlights from last year’s Wimbledon, including the cream of the crop the championship served up last year

To be fair to the recent knight, he has remained constant throughout, deploying his dry sense of humour- remember his love for eating strawberries with his fingers or his Christmas jumper joy?  Tennis fans have seen him transform from skinny prospect to the top of the pile.

The importance of timing

In sport, business and countless other areas of life, timing – along with integrity – is crucial.

So despite the disappointment of an early exit at this year’s tournament, Sir Andy aced, with a killer instant response to a journalist that has since got my ball in his court for all the right reasons.

Murray sternly corrected a journalist who claimed Sam Querrey to be “The first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009″, curtly reminding him that Sam was the first male player to have done so.

When the baffled journalist asked “I beg your pardon?” Murray simply repeated himself schooling the reporter, as since 2009 the imperious Serena Williams alone has won twelve Grand Slam tournaments.

Murray’s effortless defence against casual sexism was so refreshing, he seemed almost tired of those who over look women in the sporting industry, and this isn’t the first time he has defended women.

In 2012, while interviewing Andy, a reporter said “You’re the first person ever to win two Olympic tennis gold medals”, to which Murray brushed off saying “Well, I think Venus and Serena won four each”.

Standing up for the women who are so frequently overlooked in the game is something that, in my book, drastically boosts Murray’s likeability factor- and I’m not the only one. Twitter has sung his praises today commending him for being the ally women in sport need.

Tweet praises Andy Murray's shutdown of casual sexism


He for She praises Andy Murray for shut down of casual sexism


Defending something he believes in, in a way that was so genuine is something that added a more human quality to Murray and certainly scored points in the right categories.

Something so small but so important changed my opinion of him so quickly which just goes to show that when you are a sports personality, or any person in the public eye, the small acts matter just as much as the big ones.

As a self-confessed Murray sceptic, I must admit that perhaps there is something to be said for his approach that can be a lesson to us all.

Be genuine throughout, be prepared to speak out for what you believe in – and be prepared to quash ignorance when it arises.

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