Mums Urged to Make Water Bottles Part of Back to School Kit

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Mums Urged to Make Water Bottles Part of Back to School Kit

Scottish Water Blog

Bill Elliot of Scottish WAterUniform, pencil case… Water Bottle!

Scottish Water is calling on mums and dads across the country to make a water bottle an essential part of that Back to School kit.

A supply of cool, fresh Scottish drinking water throughout the day not only helps to keep your children alert and properly hydrated, but looking fresh-faced and also keeps their hearts healthy for the future.

Drinking water throughout the school (or working) day will help boost your concentration levels and keep you mentally alert. Plus, drinking water before, during and after physical activity, whether it is a P.E. class or going to the gym will help you have extra energy.

Bill Elliot (pictured), Scottish Water’s Regional Communities Manager for the region said: “We’re looking to encourage people of all ages, not just children, to drink the recommended quantity of water every day.

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“Whether young or old, it’s important to keep your body properly hydrated. All you would need to do is fill your water bottle from your kitchen tap before you leave for school or work in the morning, and then you will be able to refill it throughout your day to keep you topped up. Plus, in the current climate it is kind to your pocket too.”

And, as youngsters prepare to smile for all those Back to School pictures remember that Scottish Water achieved a world first in receiving accreditation for its product, Scottish drinking water, from the British Dental Health Foundation. Because the water coming straight from your tap doesn’t contain sugar, fat or any calories it helps to keep teeth bright and healthy.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Foundation, commented: “Sugary drinks are a particular problem and, as they are often sipped throughout the day, can cause the teeth to be placed under almost constant acid attack. Water, along with milk, is the only drink that the Foundation recommends as completely safe for teeth.

“It contains no sugar, no calories and no acid and, from a holistic point of view, by guarding against everything from headaches to heart disease, it is massively important to a person’s overall health.” 

Daily success story across Scotland

Everyday Scottish Water delivers nearly a billion litres of this vital nutrient direct to peoples’ taps across Scotland. And on average, our customers can still get all their water needs for less than a pound a day.

Bill added: “Many people across Scotland forget they have a ready supply of clear, fresh drinking water available direct from their kitchen tap 24/7. Across Scotland we’re investing around £550 million to improve the quality of drinking water. We want customers to enjoy the look and taste of their drinking water.

“Making sure you’re topped up with recommended levels of this award winning product can keep you healthy, alert and ready for action.

“Through the Scottish Water On Tap initiative people of all ages are being encouraged to drink adequate quantities of water, and keep their bodies, hearts and minds hydrated and healthy.”

Notes to Editors

Research has shown that keeping your body adequately hydrated can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 46% in men and 59% in women. Keeping properly hydrated can also help your blood flowing and prevent clots forming as water forms a major part of your blood*.”

*Reference: Water, other fluids and fatal coronary heart disease by J Chan, S Knutsen, G Blix, W Lee and G Fraser. American Journal of Epidemiology 2002: 155:827-33 Useful materials.)

Scottish Water is the first water company, not just in the UK, but in the world, to achieve accreditation for our product, Scottish drinking water, from the British Dental Health Foundation. The BDHF gave their smiley face logo as their stamp of approval to the sugar-free, fresh, quality drinking water which comes straight out of the kitchen tap in the heart of your home

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