Mums Rush to Get the Perfect Back to School Smile

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

Mums Rush to Get the Perfect Back to School Smile

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

Holyrood PR, expert PR in Edinburgh for LubijuProud mums have been rushing to the dentist to get the perfect smile ahead of their child’s first day at school, according to a leading Scots cosmetic dental surgeon.

Dr Biju Krishnan, says numbers of mums getting work to improve their teeth has quadrupled in the past month, according to figures at his state-of-the-art Lubiju practice.

Dr Krishan and business partner Dr Lubino do Rego invested  £750,000 to open Lubiju earlier this year, combining five-star hotel ambience with the hi-tech treatment techniques and equipment.

The Leith practice has been booked solid for the past month thanks to a spike in demand for veneers, laser teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatments – driven by mums preparing for the new school year.

Dr Krishnan, himself a dad-of-two, said: “We have been overwhelmed in recent weeks by the number of mums looking to improve their smile before schools start back this week.

“A photograph of this event is definitely one of the most important mementos in any parent’s life. Mums in particular now more than ever want to look their very best in the pictures of this special occasion.”

Scottish PR Success for Lubiju

As a result the dental experts – who also run the highly successful Drake Dental Centre in Edinburgh – have been working flat out to cope.

Dr Krishnan added: “In the last month we have noticed the demand for veneers and teeth whitening treatments in particular increase by 300%.

“Normally we have around five bookings a month for our Zoom! Laser whitening service, but in the past four weeks it has risen to around 15. The demand veneers has also shot up – from roughly two cases a month to between five and 10.

“After carrying out a handful of the extra treatments I started to notice a pattern forming, and on speaking to the women coming in for the services I quickly realised it was in anticipation of their child’s first day at school.

“A good smile can make or break a picture. Now obviously, cosmetic dental treatments can help – teeth whitening, teeth straightening, capping crowns and so on can make a difference.”

“When people are speaking about others they are more likely to comment on a person’s smile ahead of many other attributes – particularly on the face. This is especially important when capturing special moments like your child’s first day at school.”

Building an Excellent Reputation

Dr Krishnan has more than a decade of experience in improving smiles after qualifying as a dentist from Dundee University in 1993.

He explained that when people look better they feel better about looking at themselves in pictures – a  point which has made a huge success of TV programmes like 10 Years Younger, Gok Wan’s How to Look Good Naked and Extreme Makeover.

He added: “For women who want to boost their confidence and want more than a change of wardrobe and hairstyle but not quite a full facelift, improving their smile is the obvious choice.

“But these treatments aren’t exclusively for females; we are seeing a lot of men come in looking to improve their smile as well. We also offer Botox injections, wrinkle corrections and non-surgical facelifts, as well as holistic therapies including massages and hypnotherapy.

Lubiju is one of Scotland’s most advanced treatment centres and opened in March to offer the most advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry to private patients. It has a team of internationally renowned dental, maxillo-facial and implantology experts along with leading specialist in cosmetic surgery and anaesthetic.

It is also fitted out with three hi-tech treatment suites, each with a designer flat screen TV on the ceiling, so patients can watch DVDs during longer treatments such as laser tooth whitening.

Each suite is also equipped with powerful, hi-tech, ceiling-mounted cameras, which can film surgical and cosmetic procedures to be beamed to specialist audiences elsewhere in the practice – or anywhere in the world – for training and teaching purposes.

However, the practice is unique in Scotland by also offering very best in traditional and alternative therapies, including massage, hypnotherapy and dietary advice. World-recognised experts use complementary treatments to treat conditions from stress to multiple sclerosis.

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