Moyra Has A Weight Taken Off Her Mind With New Therapy

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Moyra Has A Weight Taken Off Her Mind With New Therapy

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Moyra's clothes before - Edinburgh PRRetired IT consultant Moyra Smith is celebrating returning to the same dress size she had in her 20s thanks to an innovative weight loss programme that is starting to sweep across the UK.

The 65-year-old from Edinburgh said the Alevere Weight Loss Therapy has not only seen her lose four and a half stone to date – but it has helped to change her life by drastically improving her health and self-confidence.

Moyra began the programme at Edinburgh’s Dermal Clinic, one of Scotland’s leading providers of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, 19 weeks ago and has seen her weight drop from 15 stone to 10 stone six pounds – with the weight continuing to fall off as she reaches the final stages of the process.

Medically controlled, Alevere Weight Loss Therapy is a treatment programme new to the UK that allows clients to lose an average of one stone a month without the necessity of surgery, however some find themselves dropping pounds at an even quicker pace.

Moyra said: “I wanted to lose weight not only to increase my confidence but to improve my health as I suffered from high blood pressure.  Alevere changed my life.

“The programme is brilliant, easy to follow and builds your knowledge of a healthy diet. It’s medically controlled making it extremely safe and I have never once felt hungry.

“And it’s an added bonus that it has helped me return to the same dress size I was in my late twenties.”

Multi award-winning Dermal Clinic is one of three treatment centres in Scotland to offer the therapy and has been working with Moyra since November last year to ensure she reaches her target of 10 stone.

Jackie Partridge Clinical Director and named Best Cosmetic Nurse at the 2015 Medical Cosmetic Awards, said: “Dermal Clinic want to provide a weight loss programme for our patients, not a fad diet, which addresses the problems of everyday life and avoids surgery.

“Around 1000 people per week undergo the Alevere Therapy at medical clinics across the UK. It is an extremely popular and rapid method for losing weight in a safe manner with the reassurance of medical support throughout.

“We are delighted the programme has been such a success for Moyra. We have many other clients who are also working now through the programme and seeing the fantastic benefits and results.

“It is by far the most effective weight loss therapy available we have ever come across, the results speak for themselves.”

Having only four weeks left of treatment, Moyra praised the work of Dermal Clinic and the support they have given her throughout.

She added: “The team at Dermal Clinic have been extremely supportive and encouraging. Without their help I would have given up.

“Everyone should learn about Alevere. I wish I had come across it years ago. Dermal Clinic have educated me the whole way through which has been fantastic, I would recommend them to anyone.

“From the initial meeting I had trust in Dermal Clinic that this was going to work. I will never go back to my previous weight, I am so much more confident and I lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.

“When you see the before and after pictures they are not a gimmick, they are totally real. Doing this is the best decision I have ever made.”

Dermal Clinic, located in Edinburgh’s Church Hill Place, is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic clinics with a team of high quality professionals dedicated to provide expert care for the face and body. It specialises in providing expert advice, solutions and services to help clients feel better about themselves – including treatments unique to Scotland.

Jackie Partridge, as a representative of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, has been appointed to the board of Health Improvement Scotland as they introduce new regulation for independent clinics. Find more information on this unique therapy at the official site.


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