Mothering Sundaes For The Queen of The House

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Mothering Sundaes For The Queen of The House

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Sundae Finding the perfect card to express your heartfelt appreciation for your beloved mum this Mother’s Day can always be tricky.

Sometimes the cards are twee and over-schmaltzy. Often they never quite hit the mark with their sentiments.

But Scribbler cards have made it easier than ever to find the right card – with plenty that will bring a smile to any mum’s face this Mothering Sunday on March 14. The cards retail at £2.50 at Scribbler stores across Scotland and England, and online at

Mum’s Sweet Treat

This sugary greeting reading Mothering Sundae is bound to sweeten up any mum. The knitted ice cream sundae card opens to the delightful message “Indulge yourself, you deserve it!”

These knitted goodies from Mint Publishing give a cute mother’s day greeting with a touch of glitter for special mums. The animals are lovingly hand knitted by the Harborough Ladies knitting circle.

Brighten Up Her Day

Luscious cards from the Soul card company’s Juice range offer modern sentiment for a colourful world, with cards bearing mottos like “my fab mum” in bold, bright lettering.

This card, which is adorned with sparkling silver butterflies, simply reads “Happy Mother’s Day” in pink lettering on the inside.

Queen Mum

Love & Tickles cards can add a childlike joy to Mothering Sunday – the cards have crayon style line drawings guaranteed to make mum beam.  

One popular design reads: “To the queen of the house … Happy Mother’s Day from your loyal subject” and shows a happy mum with a crown on her head.

Another favourite sports a picture of a hungry son with the message “Happy Mother’s Day … please take it easy until my dinner time.”

Sage Advice

Usually it’s your wise old mum who is the one dishing out the advice, but this much loved Edward Monkton card tells “The MUM of HAPPINESS” how to look after number one for a change.

The advice reads “Live WISELY, live WELL, and eat CHOCOLATE. Much, MUCH CHOCOLATE!!”

With a card like this, the nature of the accompanying gift will be obvious.

Scribbler owner and founder John Procter said: “A Mother’s Day card is much more than a piece of paper. It is a token of appreciation for everything your mum has done for you – something she can treasure the whole year through.

“Few of us thank our mums as often as we should – so it is important to make them feel valued on Mothering Sunday of all days.

“All the Scribbler cards featured retail at just £2.50 each – giving shoppers the perfect chance to treat their mums to a stylish snapshot of their love.”

A photo gallery of some of Scribbler’s stylish Mother’s Day ranges can be viewed here.


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