Professional PR Photography by Holyrood PR for Eagle Couriers

June coverage success for Scottish courier company – B2B PR

Eagle Couriers Media Coverage

June coverage success for Scottish courier company – B2B PR

Eagle Couriers Media Coverage

B2B PR experts showcase the monthly coverage success of Eagle Couriers

Professional PR Photography by Holyrood PR for Eagle Couriers

Leading Glasgow newspaper, the Evening Times, dedicate a page lead to Eagle Couriers’ fight against the city council, thanks to a media campaign by B2B PR experts, the Holyrood PR.

The Scottish courier firm is preparing to mount a fresh legal challenge to Glasgow City Council over its parking laws, after a driver from the firm received a parking ticket three minutes after leaving his motorbike in the city centre to collect a package.

The dispute centers on the council’s refusal to recognise motorbikes operated by Eagle Couriers as goods vehicles.

The firm is also outraged by the fact only part of the bike was positioned in a loading bay due to a lack of space in the adjacent bike parking bay.

Jerry Stewart, director of Eagle Couriers, told the Evening Times: “We’ve been fined before for parking in loading bays, despite the fact our bikes are classed as goods vehicles for insurance, so we’re disappointed the wardens have targeted us again.”

The full article appeared in the Evening Times and was part of a PR strategy by the Holyrood PR, providers of dedicated PR advice in Scotland.

One of the UK’s leading courier news portals has reported on Eagle Couriers’ latest battle with Glasgow City Council over parking tickets issued to its delivery motorbikes.

E-Courier News ran a story about how the company had been targeted once again by over-zealous council enforcers, who refused to accept that the motorbikes are goods vehicles.

Eagle Couriers has had numerous problems with parking and unloading in the centre of Glasgow and its bikes have been issued with parking tickets when they use loading bays during their every day work. Despite the fact the bikes are officially classed and insured as goods vehicles, council officials have decreed that they will not accept that the motorcycles are being used for delivering goods – and therefore cannot use the loading bays.

The full story appeared in E-Courier News following a high-profile media campaign by Holyrood PR PR in Scotland.

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has won another prestigious piece of coverage in Scotland on Sunday thanks to Holyrood PR PR in Scotland.

The newspaper reported in its Barfly section how Eagle Couriers had received an unexpected advertising bonus following a recent repeat of Chewin the Fat.

Eagle Couriers had provided a courier outfit and motorbike for a scene in the programme when it was filmed a few years ago. However, the firm was surprised to see its logo and bike back on TV during a recent best of programme about the famous comedy show.

The full coverage appeared in Scotland on Sunday and was highlighted by Holyrood PR PR in Scotland.

Professional PR Photography by Holyrood PR for Eagle Couriers

Edinburgh news sheet, the Evening News, highlighted Eagle Couriers moment of TV fame after the courier company appeared on BBC1 smash Chewin’ the Fat.

The Edinburgh firm received a piece of prime time exposure on the show after one of their motorbike drivers was featured during a repeat of the hit comedy.

The Evening News reported that the Eagle Couriers had provided specialist courier clothing and a branded motorbike for a scene in the famous show when the series was originally filmed in 2001. The clip was then repeated as part of the recent ‘best of’ show.

The full article was featured in the Evening News and was part of a PR strategy by expert Edinburgh communication company, the Holyrood PR.

Leading postal news website Hell Mail has given another high profile piece of media coverage to Eagle Couriers – after publishing a story about the firm’s latest fight against parking tickets in Glasgow.

The website, which publishes news from the UK’s postal industry, highlighted how Eagle Couriers was fighting Glasgow City Council over parking tickets that had been issued on the firms’ courier motorbikes.

The row flared up after one of the firm’s couriers was given a parking ticket in the city centre earlier this month. The ticket is the latest in a series of penalty charges given to the company over their bikes – which Glasgow City Council believe do not qualify as goods vehciles and are therefore not permitted to park in loading bays.

Eagle Couriers has strongly denied this judgement and has pledged to fight the ticket, which it says is unfair as it specifically ensures all its bikes have goods vehicles insurance.

The full article appeared in Hell Mail and was the result of a media campaign by Holyrood PR PR in Scotland.

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