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As someone that works in PR industry, I know how hard myself and my fellow colleagues work. However, it can be disheartening when people assume that you spend your full working week standing outside of nightclubs giving out leaflets when in actual fact you have been pouring over press releases and organising photocalls among other things. So it’s always gratifying to know that other people also find it worthwhile – especially when that person is Richard Branson – not one to shy away from a publicity grabbing stunt as displayed when he recently dressed up as a trolley dolly!

2.8 HOURS LATER (Aoibhínn)

The Walking Dead is my favourite TV show of the moment, so you can imagine my absolute delight when I discovered cross city zombie chase game, 2.8 Hours Later: Asylum. The unusual role play game is making its way to Scotland this year so prepare to be hunted not just by the undead but by police, corrupt officials and vigilantes too. With an already established storyline you will find yourself in a world of quarantine, borders and murder. It’s been four years since the original outbreak, the government has regained control but what happens when the infection returns? Can you survive?


Most people use email as a communication tool on an everyday basis but are some of us becoming a bit annoying with it? PR News has come up with a top 15 list of the most irritating email habits that many of us are guilty of. From using all caps to not replying to crucial emails that you desperately need, this list has all the greatest pet peeves for you to see. So next time you are about to add in a “J” to a client email or forget to check your message for spelling, just think again. If it is something you use every day, be professional about it.


In PR, writing is a little bit important, and some would go as far as to say it’s our bread and butter. However, even as seasoned scribblers of the English word, we too make mistakes with grammar and spelling – which many have put down to our contemporary reliance of technology. However, there is nothing that gives a worse impression than a common and careless mistake, so have decided to bring you a break down of main ones you should avoid if you want to keep as shred of credibility, let alone your profession. We all whine about grammar Nazis when they correct us on Facebook or other social media platforms, but these people have a point, so listen and take note.


After reading about a new European protection law it has made me feel rather patriotic and will certainly make me appreciate the Stornoway black pudding in my Sunday fry up when you consider just how exclusive it is!