Monday’s Medley Of Web Finds

by Sarah Drummond

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Shopping Frenzy on Mega Monday














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What are your plans for today lovely people – working, socialising, maybe some household chores? Well, according to The Sun, for the majority of us today could be accurately dubbed the online shopping day of the year. The newspaper has highlighted that an average of £560,000 will be spent PER MINUTE online today, making ‘Mega Monday’ the biggest spending day ever for internet shopping. The Centre for Retail Research estimate that £80 million more will be spent this year than last and that about 5.6 million people will spend £97 each in the £540million spree. Personally, I plan on staying away from anything asking me to enter my card details – online shopping is far too easy for my liking.


Finally, American coffee giant Starbucks has acknowledge the fact it ‘needed to do more’ in terms of the amount it contributes to the UK in terms of taxes. The corporation is now said to be in talks with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Treasury over it tax position. Discussions are to be focusing on reducing a “royalty fee” of 4.7pc its UK company pays to a Dutch subsidiary for the rights to use the Starbucks name and coffee recipe. This policy legally channels money out of the UK, allowing it to reduce its tax bill here. To out the corporations position into real terms let me just say this; Starbucks is valued at £25bn yet in the 14 years it has been operating in Britain, it has paid a grand total of £8.6 million in UK tax, despite sales here of £3bn. And to think we would rather whine about people accepting benefits than corporations taking our money and giving nothing back.


Lego, that fun, timeless and affordable toy is using high on every child’s Christmas list however a solid gold Lego brick has become the single most expensive Lego set commercially available at just over £9000. The 14-carat gold bricks were originally given as limited edition presents to business partners and Lego employees who had worked for the company for more than 25 years, between 1979 and 1981. Usually a stable on children’s Christmas wish lists I can think of one of two adults who would not think twice about adding this gleaming piece of gold Lego to their Christmas lists.


The very pretty Scarlett Johansson has been replaced by the first man of tennis by Moet and Chandon as the new brand ambassador. Roger Federer who I have to say is my favourite tennis player (not just for his looks) will take the centre stage for the champagne after saying that he personifies the glamour of achievement, great generosity and tremendous style values that they look for in an ambassador. I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves.—Chandon-replaces-Scarlett-Johansson-Roger-Federer/

3D PHOTO BOOTHS (Victoria)

Currently, a huge trend for weddings and parties is to employ the services of a photo booth on site, from firms like Edinburgh based Blush Booth (, to capture all of the fun and entertain guests with fun props and backgrounds.
One step further however is an invention from Japan (where else) whereby your guests can create miniature 3D action figures of themselves.
The catch is that you have to stand still for 15 minutes, and I’m sure after a few glasses of champagne this may be challenging!
Very cool idea however!




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