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Fiona from Hope for Paws

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HOPE FOR PAWS (Victoria)

The following video is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings and I challenge you not to feel moved by this sad story.
Animal adoption agencies are increasingly harnessing the conjunctive power of video and social media to raise their profile, appeal for donations and to find homes for their needy animals.
An LA based animal rescue organisation called Hope For Paws has been using these techniques particularly well, as I found out when I stumbled upon a video on YouTube telling the emotionally charged story of a poor stray pup called Fiona.
Fiona, a very cute bundle of white fluff, was rescued by the organisation in a very poor state, and they brought her back to life and even cured her sight.​


Starbucks, Google and Amazon faced scrutiny over the paying of taxes again last week, and rightly so. It really angers me how these multi million perhaps even billion dollar corporations are legally getting away without paying their fair share of corporation tax. But just because it’s legal, that certainly doesn’t make it right.
Seemingly Starbucks haven’t paid a penny of corporation tax in three years, yet there is an unusually high “royalty fee” which goes to its European HQ in the Netherlands. Which, coincidentally has claimed to have made a profit only once in its 14 years
Then we have Amazon, who report European sales through their Luxembourg based offices, allowing them to pay a mere 11 per cent tax on foreign profits, when they should be paying 24 per cent in the UK.
Finally we have Google, the ultimate search engine that reported UK sales of 4billion last year and yet had a tax bill of only £3.4million.
Maybe it is time for consumers to take matters into their own hands by boycotting these large corporations and hitting them where it hurts.


Now, this may come as no surprise to some but may make for shocking reading to others – late night gadget use can be seriously bad news for your sleeping pattern. And yes, the word gadget most definitely covers your Smartphone, alongside TV’s and laptops. It is probably customary for most of us to set our alarm as we get into bed, and this perhaps leads to replying to neglected text messages or watching recommended funny videos on YouTube. But recent research by suggests that all that facetime with a phone, tablet, laptop or TV does more than distract – it can make it harder to go to sleep when you finally close your eyes – and that it can actually lead to sleep loss that affects your mental and physical well-being. So, for everyone who uses Netflix to sooth them to sleep – maybe grab a book next time, and you may wake up as fresh as a daisy.


Scotland’s film and television industry was celebrated last night at The Scottish BAFTAs.
The awards ceremony was hosted by Scottish TV and radio presenter Edith Bowman in Glasgow’s Radisson Blu Hotel.
Ken Loach’s feature film The Angel’s Share scooped two awards for Best Writer (Paul Laverty) and Best Film Actor (Paul Brannigan).
Rab C Nesbitt’s Gregor Fisher won Best TV Actor, while BBC sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys picked up the Best Comedy/Entertainment Award.
The event’s 500 attendees also saw Billy Connolly receive an Outstanding Contribution to Television and Film Award, albeit via video message. The comedian will pick up his award at a special public event in Glasgow on December 10. Tickets will be available through the BAFTA website.
For a full list of BAFTA Scotland winners click the link below.,3494,BA.html


A BBC article posed a question I’ve often queried myself-can you shape your children’s taste in music? Going on my own experience I’d say definately. I was a toddler when it was the early 90s rave scene and can remember jumping about to the classics. I definately think that steered the way my musical taste has developed because deep throttled electronic sounds from The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy is where my taste is inclined to go.
While parents strive to form a musical bond with their kids this can drive them in the opposite direction but it seems no matter what you do, they’ll find their own taste anyway.