Monday’s Mash Up Of Internet Wonders

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What more could you want on a Monday than cute kids and some reality TV? For many, not much – unless you have one of those irritating 9-5, 7 days a week jobs that is. After recently blogging about the power of cute kids when carrying out a PR photo-call, this adorable new reality show exemplifies perfectly how children can make anything media-based better – even reality TV. Little Wesley, nephew of Jimmy Kimmel, is looking for love on what is aptly called Baby Bachelor. Maybe this marks a new development in the child reality sphere – so long as it’s not Honey Boo Boo I’ll take it.


When you think of Elbridge, you don’t tend to think of it as the most glamorous of destinations. However, thanks to a recent survey the leafy idyllic borough which is home to Gary Lineker and Elton John has been nicknamed Britain’s answer to Beverley Hills. The wealthy residents of Elmbridge pay the tax man an astounding £1.18billon a year – twice the amount drawn from Cardiff and Newcastle combined. Paying more income tax than any other part of the UK, my own hometown of Glasgow comes in at a close second with its 600,000 residents paying £898 million.


Many of us take our basic human rights for granted and we often forget just how lucky we are to live in this country. The New Zealand branch of Amnesty International worked with ad agency Colenso BBDO in Auckland to launch an interactive app called Trial by Time line. The app works by accessing your Facebook profile then using online scanning software, it analyzes all the data contained in your timeline. Things like, your age, relationship status, nationality, political views, group affiliations, and “likes” are all considered before sentencing is handed out at your virtual trial. The results then determine the punishment the user would receive in various countries across the globe. Want to see what your sentence(s) would be then click on the link:


Sick of sending/receiving the same bland emails through about “the latest product that will change your life” or “with this new product, you will be ahead of the trend” that nobody really reads? Well why not change it up a bit? Mashable has provided some new mobile marketing tools that are set to spice things up a bit from the everyday boring email. For example, why not send a client a photograph of inspiration for a campaign or fresh idea? Or maybe using smartphones to get customers to become brand loyal instead of simply up-dating facebook and Twitter for a catering client? There are 5 top tips on the site, so why not have a look and see what would suit the way you work?


After having banter about boxing kangaroos I did what comes naturally to our generation – checked out Youtube for further reference. And what do I find? None other than legendary actor and comedian Woody Allen sparring with a knee jerkin’ kangaroo.
This bad boy clip barely needs any introduction and I’m toiling between cracking up in hysterics over this and thinking this is pretty cruel. Although Woody’s health is more at threat than the kangaroos in this match down. And where the hell did kangaroo boxing come from? Needs some further weekend research if you ask me.