Milk and sugar? Not at this Scottish public relations agency

by PR Interns

Friday, May 11th, 2018


PR Intern

By Olivia Campbell

FROM the moment I sat down I knew this was not going to be like my other internships.

As I was handed my passwords and shown to my computer I was also asked, “Tea or Coffee?” As a serial PR and marketing intern there is no sweeter sound than being offered a cup of tea. I was shocked, I was stunned, I was delighted as I was handed a hot cup of tea and I thought to myself “am I actually going to be allowed to expand my knowledge and skills in this internship?” and boy have I learnt a thing or two.

In my first week at Holyrood PR I have written several press releases, I have interviewed people over the phone, I have chased people for photos, I have worked with a host of new software and I have almost cried over Photoshop. It’s the end of my first week and I’ve learnt a lot.

As with any PR Internship all of my mornings have started with a Newspaper sweep and a cup of coffee. At the weekend I would usually indulge myself in this activity over a pastry or eggs however, no luck here. By the time I get in at 8:30 I already have a whole host of jobs to complete for the day, so it’s a cup of coffee, a banana and a quick scan to pick up on any relevant stories. There is something satisfying about ticking off your first task for the day before the clock strikes nine.

Time for the second coffee round of the day. Trust me, you need to caffeinate here as you hit the ground running. I’ve been given the opportunity to write press release for several of Holyrood PR’s clients. The most memorable press release I worked on was about Fife Frank the Racing Pigeon.

Fife Frank, is a racing pigeon who was blown of course and stranded over 100 miles away from his home. That was until Eagle Couriers came to the rescue and got him home to his owners, express delivery. I had never heard of a courier service delivering a living breathing bird before however, I soon learnt that this is not the first strange delivery Eagle Couriers has had. They have delivered live eagles before and even a single air freshener.  Not only did this press release teach me a lot about the client but it also taught me about the structure of a press release.

I had written a few press releases prior to this internship however, I had normally specialised in content for blogs or social media. Heads up, the structure of a press release and the structure of a blog are very different. The team were great and constantly provided me feedback to help improve my writing skills. I have learnt that press releases contain little to no waffle, a lot of quotes and every sentence should be its own paragraph.

My biggest hurdle of the week was Photoshop. I had never used the software before and I had mentioned in my interview with Cat and Chris that I would really like to get some experience with it. Second day in and I was set the task of creating a coverage media montage. Tea was drank, my sugar fast ended as biscuits were consumed, more tea was had, software was restarted, one final cup of tea and the montage was completed. I have since worked with Photoshop twice more and I have relied less on biscuits and tea, I would even go as far to say I’ve become a bit of a Photoshop Pro. Ok, maybe not a pro but I know what I’m doing.

It’s been an exciting and interesting first week with Holyrood PR.  I have been taught the importance of patience and persistence, two vital characteristics one must possess if one want’s to pursue a career in communications.

Oh, how do I take my tea? Just with a splash of milk please.



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