Midge Repellent Has The Magic Touch

by Ross Stebbing

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

midge repellent IIP photosA Perthshire Cosmetics Company is celebrating in a swarm of success after its natural midge repellent lotion sold thousands of units over the summer season.

Midge Magic, is a bug repellent which is made from 100 percent natural ingredients and also has moisturising properties that keeps skin soft and supple.

The product was created by Crieff-based company, Yumm Naturally, which creates natural skincare and body essentials using only natural ingredients.

Buzz for the product began to pick up when its users started to realise that it also repelled ticks and clegs (horseflies) – as well as midges.

The product has been dubbed as a 2-in-1 providing extreme protection from problematic bugs – whilst also providing moisturising care.

Truly magical

Yumm’s Geoff Bush, who co-owns the product alongside aromatherapist Nadine Stephenson – has recounted the whirlwind summer which saw the product fly off the shelves.

He said: “Midge Magic truly is a magical product, we couldn’t believe it when customers started to rave to us about how well the lotion worked to protect against other bugs – such as ticks and horseflies.

“The summer season was a major success for us – we sold thousands of bottles of the product and ended up with over 100 stockists throughout the midge-affected areas of country- even though product launch was delayed until June – fully a month into the midge season.

“We are already gearing up for next year’s season and are aiming to hit 100,000 units sold if all goes to plan.

“As well as increasing numbers of stockists in Scotland, next on our list we are looking at targeting new markets and other midge-trouble-spots such as the Lake District and the North of England – and also certain parts of Wales.

Midge repellent label photo for IIP

Premium Product

Geoff also went on to describe the economic benefits the product could provide for the Perthshire area – and how the partnership initially came about.

He said: “Hopefully Midge Magic will put the rest of our Perthshire-produced goods on the map – and help showcase other premium products that the area is proud to produce.

“Midge Magic is a handmade product and because we are looking at increasing output this probably means we will need to expand the number of people on our team, and all new jobs make a difference in the Crieff economy.

The partnership between Geoff and Nadine was formed with the help of The Angel’s Share – a service delivered by The Business Growth Team, which is part of The Enterprise Team at Perth and Kinross Council.

The Angel’s Share acts as a matching service between entrepreneurs and investors – and also provides a wealth of advice to businesses, including alternative finance options.

With the rise of platforms such as crowd funding and the alternative finance market, including options such as peer to peer funding – the service aims to educate entrepreneurs with resourceful ways to fund their ventures.

The Angel’s Share had previously supported Yumm Naturally by offering introductory business tips and financial advice to Nadine before introducing her to mentor and entrepreneur, Geoff.

With his background in software, media and scientific instruments among other sectors – Geoff had no experience in the skincare or cosmetics sector. However – he was won over by the quality of Yumm’s mainstream products, as well as the realisation of how unique the Midge Magic product was with its combination of repellent properties and skincare benefits.

Midge Magic contains just three active repellent ingredients – Bog Murtle Oil, Lemongrass Oil and most importantly PMD – which is a derivitive of the distillation of the oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. Its moisturising properties are provided by a natural body lotion and Grape Seed Oil – two carrier ingredients which keeps skin hydrated and soft.

Midge Magic retails for £6.75 and can be purchased via the official Yumm Naturally website which can be accessed at: http://www.yummnaturally.co.uk/


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