Mid Week Noise At Holyrood


Mid Week Noise At Holyrood

Jean Marc Calvet

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I fancied myself a bit of 4od last night and stumbled across a documentary titled Calvet: A Tale of Vice, Family and…Paint! It sounded like my kind of documentary, delving into the turbulent life of Jean Marc Calvet, a well respected artist who found himself on the run with a large amount of stolen money which funded his route to self-destruction. Injecting heroin, smoking crack and wetting his thirst with three litres of alcohol a day he descended into psychological hell. Sounds corny as hell but he was saved by art, although it happened accidently. But his work is amazing with an explosion of colour and facinating details which represent his past.
A much recommended watch, especially if you have some time off during the festive period.

WEIRD STARS OF 2011 (Gaynor)

There’s nothing more we like here at Holyrood than a bit of weird. As you probably know we regularly visit The Metro’s weird pages for inspiration for our daily high fives so what better way to end the year than looking back at the last 12 months of the weirdest images. Take it away cat in the jar…


Number one on my Christmas list this year was a puppy, and unfortunately this wish was unfulfilled…thanks boyfriend.
Imagine waking up and discovering these gorgeous little pooches under your tree!
Possibly the cutest puppy video ever. And I watch a lot!


With 2012 fast approaching, it’s the time to look back on this year’s events.
Rebecca Black, of notorious ‘Friday’ fame, hosts a review of YouTube’s biggest hits of 2011.
It begins with a montage of some of the most memorable virals, followed by a countdown of the top ten.
Some of my favourites were featured, such as the Honey Badger, Epic Meal Time, Talking Twin Babies and the E-Harmony I Love Cats Video.
It’s definitely worth taking a look at the featured videos, maybe apart from the video which takes the number one spot.  Awful!

FROG RAGE (Victoria)

Clearly the popularity of the app “Ant Smasher” has gone beyond just you and me. The game for your phone has now become a big hit for frogs and lizards.
In this latest video though, the prank on this man’s African Bullfrog goes a bit wrong.
I’m not sure if the frog is just in the zone, angry about being fooled, or is just filled with rage at losing the game.
Who knew frogs could bite? And who keeps frogs as pets? Weird.