Alicia Simpson - Meet the staff of our Award Winning PR Agency

by Holyrood PR

Friday, November 18th, 2016

What you need to know about the members of an Award Winning PR Agency

Award Winning PR Agency Staff Member, Alie SimpsonLast time I introduced you to our Junior Account Manager, Ainsley Piggott. This week, attention turns to her partner in crime, Alie Simpson. Alie works with clients such as Bell Ingram, BUPA, Maison Bleue and CALA Homes. 



Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy

 Find out more about Ainsley, our Junior Account Manager, her love of food pics and what superpower she wishes she had. 

Alie studied French and Spanish at Edinburgh University before completing a Masters in Journalism. Having come to Holyrood PR a year and a half ago from a large international agency, Alie brings a vast range of client knowledge and experience. Alie has clocked up just over two years in the PR industry making her a very valuable member of the team. Tres bien!


Q – What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like the variety of the stories we get to be involved with as we have lots of different clients. On a normal day I could go from writing about tattoo removal, to an 104 year old who loves curry, to an angel statue made solely out of tea bags. (I’ve done all these!)

Q – What do you enjoy most when you’re not in the office?

Mainly drinking wine and eating pizza and pick and mix (with friends… sometimes…)

Q – Tell us something not many people know about you

I hold the high school record for the under 15s long jump… Oh no wait, that’s Chris.

When I was born I had jaundice, so my skin was yellow – like a proper Simpson! I also used to have a giant African land snail as a pet. His name was Claude.

Q – What would you define as the highlight of your career so far?

I did the ‘Nan Who Loves Naan’ story (curry-loving 104 year old) and she then went on to win the title of Curry Lover of the Year 2016! (Who knew that existed). We got Silver in the Best Media Relations category at this year’s CIPR awards for my work on it.

Q – If you were able to read one newspaper for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Something like the Guardian/Observer, though I do quite like the Metro’s style. Anything but the Daily Star. (If you’re reading this Daily Star – I like you really. Please still cover my stories..)

Q – When the office tea-round comes around, what is your drink of choice?

Currently it’s coffee with weird, lactose-free milk


And outside of work?

Prosecco, often with Ainsley. It’s a shared interest that really bonded us.

You have one superpower, which superpower do you have, and how do you use it?

I’d quite like the ability to eat as much pick and mix as I want and not gain weight. That’s got to be from the A-list, surely?

Alie’s personality and drive helps our clients to achieve their goals. Make use of her experience and boost your business.

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