Meaty Links To Get Your Teeth Into

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Meaty Links To Get Your Teeth Into

Holyrood PR Blog

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Following on from the incredible story that we posted on our Twitter yesterday whereby Twitter came to the rescue of an Edinburgh man who became trapped in his office, the social network has prevailed once more.
A mystery Jack Russell who was found on a train in Ireland yesterday has been reunited with his owner after Irish Rail sent out a ‘Lost Dog’ tweet with a photo attachment.
This was retweeted 500 times in just 32 times before coming to the attention of Patch’s owner, Deirdre Anglin who was reunited with her pooch shortly after. ​


Like every girl I love my handbags. Some girls prefer shoes, some prefer jewellery but I definitely love the thrill of buying a new handbag whether it is expensive or something from the charity shop.  I own one designer handbag- a Marc by Marc Jacobs, which I bought in New York for my 21stBirthday. I this purchase as a real investment because of the big price tag. However it seems that unlike me many people can afford to buy bags like this more often as it was revealed that Britons have the highest affinity for luxury handbags. Whether it’s the Birkin, the Alexa or the Chanel 2.55 classic the UK can’t get enough. Check out the top ten most sought after bags in the UK here!


Want to know why we laugh!? Ah hah nobody knows! Our involuntary cackling is still not fully understood despite one doctors dedicated ten year research project, however, interestingly it has been proven that it’s not because of the ultimate punch line!
This is just one of the fascinating facts about the brain, click the link to read more!


Ever feel like you need to get away, preferably as far away from your usual surroundings as humanly possible? Well if you have then you need look no further than where they have compiled a list of 12 of the most secluded houses in the world. From a little wooden cabin peering out precariously from snow covered peaks to an unstable looking structure perched atop a teetering column of stone, these abodes are the true definition of seclusion. Now, all I need is a contact number and a cheap flight and I’ll be off…​


The worst part of a diet is going to a party where the only food option is something unhealthy, so your options are to indulge, or to starve. With my group of friends, that unhealthy options is normally pizza, but thanks to a nutritionist at Glasgow University a pizza has been developed that’s so far from sinful it’s actually good for you! The pizza contains reduced salt made from seaweed and 30% of the recommended dose of daily vitamins. If only I could convince dominoes to start delivering them!​