MAX Young Guns Get Their Shot

MAX Xtreme Fighting Press releases

Cage warsMAX Xtreme Fighting is set to unleash Belfast’s up-and-coming MMA fighters to the world.

The promotion has signed six fighters to MAX Young Guns, an organisation that nurtures talent by allowing new fighters to train full-time and develop their skills and become the best fighter that they can become.

The latest signings are MAX Xtreme regulars Peter Duncan, Chris Stringer, Daniel Abrol, Lee McKibben, Colin McKee and Ali MaClean. The young fighters train full-time at Northern Irelands Chumsut Martial Arts Academy.

MAX Xtreme Fighting founders Patrick Mooney and Chris Kelly will be on the lookout for more up-and-coming fighters to sign to their brand throughout the year.

Patrick Mooney, Co-founder of MAX Xtreme Fighting, said he was keen to give young fighters entering the sport the chance to build their careers at a realistic pace to fully realise their potential.

He said: “We were keen to nurture the massive amount of talent here in Belfast and give these talented atheltes the opportunity to grow and then move forward in the sport of MMA.

“All too often theyoung and inexperienced fighters push themselves to go professional as there is not a lot of other avenues for them to develop.

“By supporting these fighters to allow them to train full-time and creating amateur fights produtions through MAX Xtreme we’re hoping that we can be responsible for producing some of the greatest MMA talent in the next generation.”

MAX Xtreme Fighting will do these shows under the MAX “Fight Factory” brand name and host the best up-and-coming talent allowing fighters to get practice appearing in a shows and in a cage in front of an audience, but without the massive expectations and pressures of appearing in one of our larger professional shows.

Patrick added: “There is a huge demand from amateur fighters to compete in our shows. We have approximately 100 fighters at our Chumsut Spartans gym, 70 of whom have never fought but are desperate to do so.

“It is impossible to put them all into the amateur and semi-professional portion of our MAX Xtreme Fighting events, so we want to create something where they can gain invaluable experience in the cage.

“We’re believe that through these events we will be able to select those that have the raw talent to succeed and move them into our professional MAX Xtreme Fighting events. At a safe and responsible pace”

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