Mary and John Are Scotland’s Top Care Home Resident Names

by Ross Stebbing

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Popular names. care homes, 25, March, 2015It’s not just attitudes and opinions that have changed with the generation cap – the choice of first names has also varied hugely across the years, according to Bupa Care Services.

Research conducted across 27 Bupa care homes in Scotland has shown Mary and John are the most popular names among its residents.

Other names that figure on the Bupa list include Abraham, Euphemia, Gertrude, Williamina and Magdelena – providing further insight to the naming habits in former decades.

The findings compare with National Records of Scotland (NRS) figures which revealed that in 2014, Jack was the top choice for naming a baby boy, and Emily for a girl.

Mary and John did not figure in the top 10 names in 2014.

And the Bupa research is in even starker contrast to the latest NRS report which highlighted a selection of the most unusual first names registered in 2014, including Spartacus and Hiya.

The Bupa research reviewed more than 2500 names across all of its care homes within Scotland.

It found:


Most Popular Female Names

Most Popular Male Names

  1. Mary

  1. John

2 . Margaret

  1. James

  1. El izabeth

  1. Robert

  1. Catherine

    4. Alexander

  1. Jean

  1. Andrew


This compares with the NRS findings for 2014:


Most Popular Female Names

Most Popular Male Names

  1. Emily

  1. Jack

    2 . Sophie

  1. James

  1. Olivia

  1. Lewis

  1. Isla

    4. Oliver

  1. Jessica

     5. Logan

The contrast between the two lists clearly shows a generational change in naming habits.

Tim Ellis, Chief Executive of National Records of Scotland, has commented on the unique findings, saying: “This research shows yet again how fascinating the issue of personal identity is for us all, and the value of information about Scotland’s people and history.

“It’s now 160 years since civil registration of births began in Scotland and I’m delighted that National Records of Scotland’s recent release of information about baby names has stimulated this additional interest.

“We have now released comprehensive statistical information on first names registered in Scotland back to 1974, and will be looking to extend the release of data back to 1855 later this year.”

Kirsty Dace, Area Director of Bupa Care Homes Scotland, believes the Bupa research makes for fascinating reading.

She said: “It’s fantastic to have an insight to the many names of all of our residents across Scotland as it provides a real picture to the naming habits of yesteryear.

The findings provide the most telling example of our changing times – and to what is now considered old-fashioned when it comes to a first name.

It was very interesting to compare and contrast how many names occurred most frequently and some of the more unique names too.

While we are unlikely to find anyone naming their child Bert or Euphemia, it’s very interesting to see that neither Mary nor John figured in the top 10 most popular names in 2014.

Our residents were also eager to see where they placed on the list and if their name was one of the more popular choices.”

Last week the NRS revealed the various unique boys and girls names in Scotland 2014.

Among the names for girls includes Maddyson-Dyamonds, Halo-Heaven, Godstreasure, Hiya and Twinkle, while the boys list featured Spartacus, Sherlock, Grayson-Fox, Re-Gabriel and Bear.


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