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FOMO (Aimee)

YOLO – an irritating but humorous abbreviation when used ironically – was coined by Canadian rap muffin head, Drake. And how eternally grateful I am to him for drafting down Mae West’s ‘you only live once’ into one single word for a bunch of numptys to bat it about like the infectious spread of STI’s in Kavos. I’d happily inject them with immortal potions to ensure they live long past once in a life far worse than the Connor MacLeod’s in the Highlander. But anyhoo, FOMO is another one making fast tracks in the youth dictionary. For everyone out the loop it’s interpreted as ‘fear of missing out’ and the College Humour lot have created a mock horror movie trailer which captures it perfectly and is pretty damn funny.


Sir Richard Branson has created another branch to his empire. On this occasion however he wants to make what many once believed impossible, Branson wants to create a reality of holidays to space. This branch of Virgin will be called Virgin Galactic. If all health and safety tests are passed with flying colours, then the first flight will leave on Christmas day from Abu Dhabi.


Its official ladies, eating less is good for you – it makes you live longer. Jiroemon Kimura, a Japanese man born in 1897, has just celebrated his 116 birthday saying that his secret to long life is living a life of moderation, not smoking and eating until he is ‘only 80% full’. This elderly legend’s motto is ‘eat light and live long’. You heard it here first! However, a cautionary note, eating too ‘light’ can lead to malnutrition and occasionally psychological illness. Eat in moderation, in moderation.


Almost two years after pop band Hanson announced it would be introducing a beer line, Mmmhops is almost ready for its debut. A reference to the brothers’ popular “MMMBop” song from 1997 – the pale ale makes a cameo in the film Hangover 3, which recently hit cinemas. A product of Mustang Brewing in Oklahoma, the beer is produced the boys’ home state and is in the final stages of the brewing process. Let’s hope the beer sticks around for a bit… because you never know, in a Mmmbop it could be gone.


For as long as I remember there’s always been something of a rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh. But if you ask me, there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to ignite that fire in your belly. In what can only be described as an exciting edge-of-your-seat battle, Edinburgh University student rowers recently beat their water rivals Glasgow University in the 136th annual boat race. Katharine Grainger an Olympic Gold medallist, who has at one point of her career competed in these races kicked off the 1st VIII female and male’s races, both of which were won by Edinburgh University. The Edinburgh University male team had not won this race since 1999. With the competition growing fierce Glasgow University Alumni students soon showed the young rowers how it is done by becoming the winning team for the Alumni races for both male and female races.