Scottish PR agency photography, Melisa Korkut - PR intern

Making the most out of my four-week placement programme

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Making the most out of my four-week placement programme

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Glasgow graduate Melisa Korkut reflects on her time with a Scottish PR agency

Scottish PR agency photography, Melisa Korkut - PR intern

I can’t believe it’s already time for me to reflect on my month-long internship placement at an award-winning Scottish PR agency.

By as early as week two, the crippling sense of responsibility and fear that I would let the team down had eased, only to be replaced with a keenness to keep learning and improving.

As the days passed it was comforting to find myself completing tasks in half the time compared to my first week. Receiving an email from someone in the team saying ‘Good job!’ after I’d finished a task without any prompts was such a boost to my morale. I felt proud to be able to show them that I had been taking their tutoring and advice on board.  

Being a journalism student, I had previously learnt about press releases as part of a 45-minute-long seminar. Turns out that drafting them up in real life with the knowledge that they will later be sent on to legitimate media outlets is a whole other kettle of fish.

What’s more, I have since discovered that it is discouraged to refer to them as “press” releases, with “media release” now being the preferred term. I will be making sure to drop little fact nuggets like this one into conversations I have with my friends and family to prove how much I’ve learned!

As I got on with my tasks in the office, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the account directors and managers engaging with various clients in the many virtual meetings that were held each day. It was really inspiring to hear the toing and froing of PR interactions; another invaluable insight I would not have gained in a classroom environment.

I was also surprised to find myself taking an interest in sectors that I had previously thought were of little interest to me. One of my favourite clients to work on ended up being Core-Asset, a recruitment and headhunting firm based in Edinburgh. I was tasked with reading through their ‘Salary Guide’ and coming up with captions for their social media. I find consulting exciting now, apparently!

All in all, knowing that I’ve had a part to play in promoting charities, campaigns and businesses through developing my creative and literary skills is very humbling, and has fuelled my passion for sharing people’s stories.

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I strongly encourage anyone with an interest in journalism or public relations to apply for this internship. I am leaving with so much more confidence not only in my career aspirations but also in myself as an independent worker and a team player.

Big thanks to everyone at Holyrood PR for their patience and guidance!


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