Making Movember Even More Memorable

by Scott Douglas

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Public relations agency celebrated month long fund raiser with creative series of photos.

Raymond-ShadowIf you have just embarked on the month-long facial itch-fest that is Movember, then more power to you.

I remember only too well the constant scratching from a couple of years back when the male members of the public relations team at Holyrood PR took part in the fuzzy fundraiser.

It’s for a great cause and the profile of once-taboo male cancers has risen extraordinarly in the past few years. No doubt lives are being saved, while important research is being funded.

So, while the Holyrood PR in Edinburgh team aren’t taking part this year, we want to salute those who are locking away their razors and keeping shavers out of sight.

We hope you raise a fortune for this fine cause and have as much fun along the way as we did.  In fact, just in case the effort of cultivating a fine soup strainer should get become too much, we hope this series of pictures, charting our Movember efforts, will keep you inspired.

We dreamt up a series of wacky photoshoots to keep us focused (and to encourage more donaations) and we hope it might help your efforts or at least give you a giggle (click any of the links to see the full suite of images):

 Freddie Mercury - we salute you! Inspired by the famous Queen video for Bohemian Rhapsody, we set out to capture our sweet smooth cheeks while the challenge was still fresh.
Well, you have to start somewhere, don’t you?
Myself, Raymond, Adrian and Lewis all had a fair idea what kind of facial hair we want to cultivate.
Freddie Mercury and the boys might have sang “easy come, easy go”, but we were starting to realise that there was nothing easy about this.

AScott-Shadows our stubble started to develop, we began to realise just how much mischief a five o’clock shadow can cause.
Constant itching? Check.
Missus doesn’t want you getting too close in case of stubble burn? Been there.
Frayed collar and the inability to look smart even in your best shirt and tie? Tell me about it.
It was that mischief which inspired these pictures – showing some troublesome five o’clock shadows.


Raymond-ChinheadThose of a certain vintage will remember the legendary (at least in these parts!) McEwan’s Lager “chinhead” adverts from the late 1980s.
If not, be sure to watch it on YouTube by following this link, which should help make sense of these rather, ahhh, unsettling images.
By this point we were starting to realise just how inconvenient a ‘tache can be, particularly when it comes to enjoying a pint of lager.
So we took our inspiration from the vintage telly ads – and these were the rather amusing results.

ImpostorsWhile those of us taking part were starting to attract admiring glances for our whiskers, it was clear others were less happy.
Namely the gentle ladyfolks we work with, who were keen to do there bit, but genetics (and modern depilatory treatments) left them unable to participate.
In the spirit of inclusiveness we nipped to a local joke shop bought up a large selection of fake facial hair and much hilarity ensued.
Aye, we know it’s not hard to spot the impostors.

Three-MoustacheersWith the finishing line in sight, we proudly paraded our carefully nurtured whiskers for the cameras one final time.
By this point big Adrian was sporting a set of mutton chops that would have had a biker gang blanching.
I can only assume he isn’t in these photos because he was too busy rolling on the floor laughing at:
A) Young Lewis’s bumfluff that a cat could’ve licked off
B) Raymond’s impersonation of Stavros, the Turkish kebab shop impressario
C) Scott’s dodgy attempts to relive George Michael’s 90s heyday.

There you have it. To all you razor-dodging fundraisers, we hope you have the hottest fuzz imaginable.

And if you have any great Movember pictures you’d like to share with us, be sure to let us know on @holyroodpr on Twitter or via our Facebook page




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