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by Elisabeth Richardson

Monday, July 8th, 2019

Things to consider when shooting a PR video

PR video tips from Edinburgh PR agency

DID you know that video is the best performing content format on Facebook, garnering higher reach and engagement than any other content type?

Many social media platforms will prioritise video content as it keeps users engaged for longer. With nearly 2 billion users on YouTube, it is estimated that 500 million hours of video are watched every single day on the platform.

It goes without saying that the power of PR video keeps growing as an incredible communications tool for businesses to reach potential customers and it needs to be utilised.

But how do you make sure that your video content hits the mark with your audience and catches their interest?

Consider these five key areas to ensure your videos are as engaging as possible.

1. Establish a Narrative

No matter how technically skilled you are, you’d struggle to produce a successful video without a clear concept, message or a story. A top tip for this is to establish a visual narrative to make sure your video flows.

The easiest way to do this is placing shots in chronological order; you will see in our food and drink showreel how sushi is shown being prepared, then cut, and finally displayed.

Having said that, it’s sometimes hard to create a timeline as clear as this, depending on the shots you have or the type of video you’re producing. Montage videos, for example, usually contain clips which are more varied. You might assume that these videos are random, but often they’re very well considered.

You could have some seemingly unrelated objects in a sequence, but if they’re all the same colour it creates a natural link that the eye can follow. Try to maintain interest from the audience and break away from the standard, more anticipated chronology, while still cleverly linking your video together.

Holyrood PR’s 2019 showreel establishes a story by making a clever link from the wind turbines, to the cows in the field below, followed by the preparation of ice-cream.

2. Movement

This will obviously be dependent on the type of video you’re creating, but as a general rule, try to include movement and use static shots more sparingly. You want to avoid your sequence seeming like a string of photos.

Sliders, steadicams and gimbals will help you achieve smooth, cinematic movement and heighten the professional feel of your content. It’s important to note that if you do use movement, make sure it’s stabilised. No one likes shaky footage!

We achieve this in our showcase of The Crescent at Donaldson’s by CALA Homes.

3. Angles & Perspectives

This is the perfect opportunity to put a unique creative stamp on your work. Strap a GoPro to a moving object, place a camera at floor level, play around with pulling focus to emphasise different subjects – the possibilities are endless! The more points of view you cover, the more interactive the video will feel.

Try experimenting with the height of your shots and don’t always shoot from eye level. Shooting a scene from waist height can make a building appear larger and more majestic. Shooting low through flakes of grass can offer a child-like perspective. Suit your shots to your concept and you’ll be onto a winner.

4. Pace

The fast-moving nature of today’s world means time is more valuable than ever. Viewers don’t have endless hours to watch every video they scroll past on social media. Don’t give your audience the chance to get bored. You shouldn’t underestimate how much the eye can see in one second, so use your best shots at a consistent, fast pace and you’re guaranteed to keep people entertained.

Pacing works effectively in our trailer for the U.S. Kids Golf European championship, quickly moving through numerous interesting frames.

5. Music and Sound

You should aim to match your music with the pace of the video. A romantic melody paired with clips of racing cars will confuse your audience. Ensure music doesn’t distract from any compelling audio or interviews. Subtle sound effects often go unnoticed, but adding them to your project is invaluable in making the viewer feel part of the scene, it may take time, but the result is worth it!

In our video of the Little White Pig, a local pub in Edinburgh, the music is reflective of the relaxed atmosphere and perfectly matches the pacing of the video clips.

Careful consideration of these five areas in all your projects will help to take your videos to new levels. If you need help with planning or executing a video project, contact one of our videographers at Holyrood PR who would be more than happy to discuss ideas.

Why not find out how our PR video team could bring your vision to life?

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