Magical Mystery Tour of the News from Holyrood PR


Magical Mystery Tour of the News from Holyrood PR

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A mother with terminal cancer has made sure her three year old daughter is not left without a mother’s presence for some of the most momentous occasion of her life, by drafting a lifetime’s worth of cards and video messages. From birthdays, to weddings, to ‘baby boy’ or ‘baby girl’ cards Katrina Hobbs has left a touching legacy for her three year old daughter Ella, to provide help and advice as she grows up. It’s a heart wrenching article that really shows the power of a mother’s love – that even when suffering from a severe illness, Katrina still has time to put her own feelings aside and think about her daughter’s future and how she will cope without her mother around her. The Daily Mail article has featured just one of the messages to Ella and I defy anyone to read it without getting a lump in their throat.


In Britain we like to complain about our sleep patterns being messed around whenever the clocks go forward or back – and that’s just with an hour’s time difference. So imagine how the people of Samoa will feel when they jump  forward an entire day thanks to new legislation designed to boost the nation’s economy. For years, the Pacific island has  been a whopping 21 hours behind neighbouring Australia on the global time map, but a new edict will now bring the country’s time zone forward by a full day so that is will be three hours ahead instead. The decision has been made in order to allow Samoa to be better placed for business with its Antipodean neighbours, but it will also allow the nation’s citizens to effectively become time travellers for the day – which is far more impressive.


First we had the drumming gorilla, then the airport service vehicles run-around and lastly the stock car derby – but Cadbury’s newest TV ad for Daily Milk again doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sheer battiness. The 90-second ad – again on the theme a glass and a half full of joy – is set in a charity shop where items of clothes come to life to the music of Jermaine Stewart’s 80s’ hit ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’. Dairy Milk marketing director Julie Reynolds said: “For us Cadbury Dairy Milk is about creating moments of joy that make people smile. We believe this production is another great way of doing just that.” See what you think – I’m just trying work out how they did it: actual dancers with their heads and feet blanked out?


In recognition of British pop band Blue entering this year’s Eurovision contest (which will predictably be car crash TV), this list compiles the top 20 worst pop acts of all time. It includes some gems – Lindsay Lohan’s “career” which is compared to a “steaming dog turd” – as well as Britney, N-Dubz and of course, Jedward. The description of each of the “stars” achievements is worth a read, and it just shows what a pretty face/good body/big boobs can do to get you into the recording studio.


The owner of topless coffee shop in the US has been forced to close his business after locals complained about a “boobies wanted” sign he placed in the window to attract new staff.  Apparently town officials felt that his approach to recruiting breached zoning rules and therefore had no option but to close him down. Maybe now he’ll take the hint, having failed to appreciate how unwelcome his outfit actually was after it was burnt to the ground in an arson attack in June 2009. I am sure he could start a new business like bumless baps perhaps.