Magical Monday Madness From The Web

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Magical Monday Madness From The Web

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It’s video time and I hope this treat from Poland will have you laughing in disbelief but mostly just because its funny! Part of the genre called Disco Polo, band MIG look like they’ve put together a throwback to 1992 with this music video for their song Co Ty Mi Dasz!  These five Polish lads appear to have decided to shoot this after having breakfast with their efforts and I’m not quite sure what the purpose of the electric guitar is! Cheesy at its prime!


Ever thought about how you would improve the Twitter logo given the chance? No, me either, but it is obviously something that features high up on others’ list of priorities. Buzzfeed, in an article entitled ‘14 rejected Twitter Logo’s’, display 14 pop culture interpretations of the classic logo, by artist Ape Lad. Personally Yoda is my favourite, although Woody from Toy Story comes a close, sentimental, second.


Dreams have come true for those 1950’s science-fiction fans: people can finally move things with their minds! A group of highly intelligent and inventive individuals in an organization called Hack Manhattan have developed a video game that is controlled entirely from concentration. It’s about time too…all those poor gamers have been forced go to bed with sore thumbs and tired wrists for far too long.


For all Harry Potter fans this will come as welcome news. This year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe will see the launch of ‘The Potter Trail.’ The tour of Edinburgh’s old town will show Potter fans the inspirations to J.K Rowling which helped her write the successful book series. It is also aimed to highlight the capital’s world city of literature status. You can have a look at George Heriot’s school- the inspiration behing Hogwarts as well as taking a look at the two cafes where Rowling famously wrote her first novel. Exciting stuff!


Ever thought that pole dancing was a past-time designed to allow those with the perfect body the opportunity to show it off under the guise of ‘sport'(I use this term both grudgingly and loosely in this instance)? I know I have. But to my surprise made me think again (sort of). Drawing our attention to 10 pole dancers who are as far outside the stereotype of contortionist, picture-perfect women of our mind’s eye, the website shows an unseen side of pole dancing in the article ’10 Unique Pole Dancers’. Including LuAyne Barber – dubbed ‘the world’s fattest pole dancer’ at 252 pounds – the list also comprises Deborah Roach, a one armed winner in the disabled division of the International Pole Dancing Championship. Personally I find pole dancing an overly-provocative and generally an unnecessary ‘sport’ (despite all protest of how good it is for you – so is swimming and going to the gym people, and both involve a lot less writhing about on the floor) it is good to see that it can be as equal opportunities as other ‘sports’.​