Moving on to Butter Things as Parlour Says Goodbye to Tap

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A SCOTTISH ice cream parlour has decided to call it a day on the UK’s first ever peanut butter tap – despite it proving a viral video sensation.

A SCOTTISH ice cream parlour has decided to call it a day on the UK’s first ever peanut butter tap – despite it proving a viral video sensation.

Following its March launch at Mackie’s of Scotland’s 19.2 parlour, fans had been going nutty for the ever-flowing tap, consuming more than 5kg in the first week.

But the Aberdeen parlour has now said goodbye to the dessert topper – which was being outperformed by its neighbouring ever-flowing chocolate tap, dispensing Mackie’s own milk chocolate – made just 19.2 miles away on the family farm.

Yvette Harrison, Manager of Mackie’s 19.2 in the city’s Marischal Square, said: “In some ways it’s sad to say goodbye to the peanut butter tap. It really did create a buzz online and off and gave customers an extra special element to top their desserts with.

“It’s one of those naughty treats that actually has health benefits, and fans were going nuts for it when it launched in March.

“However, we have chosen to replace the tap as we want to ensure that enjoyment of the parlour is available to all. When we learned that it was putting off some of those with severe nut allergies we made the decision to phase it out and replace it.”

The Willy Wonka-style tap, which dispensed warm, smooth peanut butter for topping waffles, ice cream and crepes was a hit with customers looking to add a savoury element to their sweet treats.

Viral videos of the UK-first tap racked up nearly 3million views on the likes of LADBible and UNILAD.

Although the departure of the tap will come as sad news for many nut butter lovers, those looking for a new topping for their desserts won’t have to wait too long, as Mackie’s is close to finalising the tap’s replacement flavour.

Yvette added: “I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but for many this will be a taste of their childhood and an all-round favourite for waffles, crepes and sundae scoops.

“The new tap could well be ready to go in the next week so make sure you head down to the parlour and be one of the first to try our new creation.”

In addition to the success of the taps, Mackie’s is also on course for their most successful summer of sales ever.

The family firm recorded its strongest ever ice cream sales in its 30-plus year history in May – a figure surpassed in June, thanks to the warm summer and growing export sales.

Mackie’s of Scotland produces luxury ice cream at its fourth-generation family farm in Westertown, Aberdeenshire. The company started producing ice cream in 1986 using milk and dairy from its own herds. Mackie’s distributes its products to the UK and worldwide.


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